Urban Forest in Waterloo

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Uncategorized
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The Waterloo Quarter Business Improvement District (BID) has installed  25 trees to create a little forest opposite to the Old Vic Theatre in Emma Gardens in Waterloo.

25 Cupressus Sempervirens (Pencil Cypress) trees have been installed in a small square and surrounded  by mirrors to give commuters a chance to experience the feeling of being in a forest on their way home and work  in a big urban area like Waterloo.The Urban Forest  can be visited until end of  January 2010.

The First workshop  to spread the sustainability  message was held on 3rd  December with local schools and children groups.They decorared the trees and transformed the forest into a magical cave for Christmas in Waterloo.

The Forest is commisioned by the Waterloo Business Improvement and designed by local landscape architect  Deborah  Magan.

25 Pencil Cypress Trees in Emma Cons Gardens.

An independent organisation Waterloo Quarter BID which was formerly known as Circle Waterloo was first set up in 2002.It acts in the interests of local business to improve the area covering south of Waterloo Station ,Lambeth and Southwark.The BID also works on environment ,public realm project ,marketing and promotion activities.


Project Manager of Waterloo Quarter BID  Helen Santar said: “Project aims to re-develop Emma Cons Gardens and promote recycling in Waterloo.We also wanted to publicise current threats of resource depletion  with this project.” and she added ,”We have been reieving a great feedback from local community groups and schools.Some councils  like Bristol ,want to take over the project and trees will be transfered to that area after eight weeks.”


When Santar was asked whether project encourages locals not to get Christmas tree to save paper sources,she found  the idea interesting and said she will take this into consideration ,too.Santar could not state how much the organisation spent on the project as they recieved many donations from local business.

Paper Round,Travis Perkins,Blakedown Landscapes,Marshalls,Nagan Johnson ,Small Backroom,Engineers Haskin Robinson Waters and many other local business in Waterloo including The Fire Station supported the project with their donations.

Local Visitor  Jama Scott said:”It is  a very impressive and  creative project,especially with those mirrors,it feels like a real forest.”

  1. deb nagan says:

    Thanks for featuring Forest on your blog – I’m also designing gardens in Canada – have a look at the international festival in Metis, and Canada Blooms in Toronto this March.



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