King of Pain ,Kim Noble’s  tragicomic  solo show  “Kim Noble Will Die” is now back to Soho Theatre and will  be on untill 9th January.

Noble sits with powdery white face,bald cap and half wearing a superman outfit and  a black jacket in the middle of the auidences’ place   and observing the real auidences  while they take a seat.Voice over  from the stage tells things  like “Let that feeling spread all over your body,let your mind wash over you.” and talks about subconcious.He goes to the stage  and opens the little fridge  where he has kept his ejaculated sperms in lots of pots.He takes  four pots   and gives them four women while we listen to the voice over and try to understand what goes on in the room.

Comedian Kim Noble's solo show is now at Soho Theatre untill 9th January.

Noble was in pain while the auidences laughed at his confession.

He picks two female auidences and puts a bucket on their heads .His face is projected on one bucket and his mother’s face is on the other one.

His mother face on the bucket speaks first and says :”Life is all about the choices we make.”

His own face on the other bucket asks him whether he is happy with the choices he made or not.

He starts exposing himself so truthfully with an  increadible pain.It is hard to laugh at those jokes.They all have his anger,sorrow desparation,loneliness,…

We see him on the screen doing a  comedy show  which was previously recorded and he is also  on the stage  making a confession  and confronting his past.When he was doing that show his grandmother was dying but he  continued his job  and  now  he realises that it was a mistake.

Life becomes unberable for him after breaking up with his girl friend and he decides to die.He starts harming himself,masturbating ,selling  his ejaculated sperms just to get rid of his anger and desparation for love.We hear the conversation he had with his ex girl friend after she lost their baby as a result of miscarriage.He tells us about his dreams about an unborn son whose bust is sitting on a chair on the stage.We see him on the screen , teaching every little things to his imaginery son .He jokes about it which makes us laugh but feel the pain deep inside ,too.At this point ,he gets influenced by an  Irish-American comedian George Carlin.

Kim Noble was a very successful comedian untill 2004 when he had a complete breakdown.He was diagnosed with manic depression  and Kim Noble Will Die  tells us about  his battle .He says: “I can not ignore that there was a dark time in my life and this show is very dark.” in an interview in Edinburgh Festival.

Kim Noble Will Die is  an extremely painful, increadibly honest, more bitter than funny ,smart   and  quite rude show .He will tell you to leave the room as quick as possible after the show  which makes you think  is he going to commit suicide or is he going to harm himslef again.It is hard not to feel sorry for Noble in the end.

  1. STEVE says:

    Hi “Sefrew” I liked the observational review immensely and the way that you outlined the themes was curiously intriguing rather than mere shocking, which it might have been to the more sensitive reader.You opened up the name Kim Noble from nowhere to one ingrained in the memory,and therefore one to watch out for! Watch your spellings as there were a few typos especially audience.
    All in all good work and keep that focus Sef…

  2. Many thanks Steve.I will write better and better every day after receiving valuable comments from you and my other readers.
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my work.
    Talk to you soon in another enjoyable piece…

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