South Bank Book Market

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Walking on Queen’s Walk Road under the Waterloo Bridge on a cold day can be surprising.You never expect to see thousands of books outside in a rainy day.That is the London’s best kept secret.

South Bank Book Market is surrounded by many cultural places like National Theatre.

Southbank Book Market opened in 1982 and it is  the only outdoor second hand and antique book market in Southern England.The Model of the market was seen in Paris and brought to Waterloo by Leslie Hardcast.Hardcast  is the owner of The National Film Theatre Cafeteria who opened South Bank Book Centre in front of his place.

The Market is surrounded by many exciting and cultural places and events.It is hard to miss colourful street performers around the market and The National Theatre is only a few metres away.On your left ,you see Thames River when you walk along the market.It attracks many people from the UK and abroad as it is placed between London Eye and Tate Modern.

Helen Mirren visited the market when she was playing in “Phedre” at National Theatre last summer,says spokesman of the South Bank Book Market,Bob Brrigs.

The market is open between 10.30 and 18.00 am in summer and  12.00  and 17.30 am in winter every weekday and weekend.It is  possible to see antiquarian prints ,first editions and specialist magazine in the market.Average price of one book is six pound.

Briggs says: “The main problem of the market is the weather.Even though market is under the Waterloo Bridge we can open it only for three hours in winter.Wind affects us a  great deal.We  booksellers  and our union are trying to get  support from the Government to solve this problem,so we can open the market longer than three hours in winter”.

  1. Steve Gilbert says:

    It would be nice to revisit that article on the back of another visit in summer to compare the mood.

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