Everyone has a story to tell,but Sally Pomme Clayton has stories to  make sense of  the world.She lives in the story when she tells and  levaes no way for audiences to stay in present.

On 28th January Clayton took Londoners to the time when humankind found the flame , with a flavor of mytology in the winter evenings project at British Museum.She played every character alone .She was  a father,she was a mother,she was  a baby,she was  a butterfly,she was a nature.She played wooden instruments, which had no metal part like string to make a sound, to create  a windy weather   in  the auidences’ imagination.She even made us feel the danger,anger,excitement, by using those primitive instruments.

However she did not tell the audiences whole story as she wanted to meet them on 8th February to tell the rest of it at British Museum.

When Sally Pomme Clayton was telling a happy moment of her story at British Museum.

“My father was a story teller ,i loved listening to his stories and i love mythology,” says Clayton and adds :” I still believe in fairy tales.” with a childish smile on her face  just after her performance .It is hard not to see her  passion  for the stories she tells.She sees herself  as  an archaeologist who keeps digging  the myths untill she finds something transferrable to the today’s world.

Clayton has been telling stories and performing since 1984.She has been commissioned by The King of Hearts Norwich,The Unicorn Children’s Theatre,Chichester Festival Theatre,The British Library and WOMAD.However Clayton thinks that  one of the biggest project she has been commissioned for is the British Museum ‘s “A History of the World in 100 Objects.”

Apples and Snakes is the story tellers group that Clayton shared her experince with as an educator.She also worked in Essex Book Festival and Cultural Co-operation.

Modern world story teller Clayton is also an author.She writes and tells stories for BBC radio 3. “Women Warriors of the World”,”Tales Told in Tents“,Telling the Images”,The Orchard Book of Stories from Seven Seas”,”Tales of Amazing Maidens” are the books she has published.

  1. sally pomme says:

    thank you Yildiz for your magical words! And you took a really nice picture too. The next performance is 18th Feb at The British Musuem sally pomme

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