A Life in Three Acts

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Gay icon Bette Bourne tells about his extraordinary life  in a playlike  interview  with  a playwright  Mark Ravenhill at Soho Theatre as a part of  Gay ,Lesbian ,Biosexual ,Trans Gender History Month untill 27th February. Award winning  work ,”A life in Three Acts” will be  seen  on the stage of  St Ann’s Warehouse  by many Newyorkers in March.

“I like stiring things up .” says Bourne  than   looks at the auidences  for a minute and smiles  as they get what he meant.Ravenhill asks Bourne questions starting from actor’s childhood on the red carpet and big screen behind them .Pictures  chronologically appear on the screen as Bourne tells us about his life.

Gay Icon Bette Bourne and playwright Mark Ravenhill in a playlike interview "A Life in Three Acts" at Soho Theatre.

He talks about his parents and describes them innocent and sex mad people.Ravenhill questions Bourne :”When did you realise that your parents were having sex?”

Bourne says :”Oh well,every sunday,they were in bed untill late,all that noise and passion,you know,…

All of a sudden his face changes when he talks about his father,”He had a short temper ,he was angry with life .” says Bourne and remembers the moment his father beat him.The room goes all quiet ,while his oldest sorrow screams ,…

My  mother was an amateur opera performer he says,i wore a skirt when i first appeared on the stage with her and remembers :”My dad never came to see us on the stage  ,he always said  ‘MATHEMATICH’ ”  and smiles proudly.

So you wanted to be an actor Bette? asks Ravenhill and lets  Bourne tell auidences his days in Drama School and Old Vic.”It was very posh,he says and repeats “Very posh”,but not posh enough to keep him there so long.

The day he joins Gay Liberation Front and the period he lives in Gay Commune with other gays ,his funny ,sad  but always proud memories  follow as Ravenhill digs .

Gay Liberation Front Poster in 1970

Bourne admits that he felt very vulnurable when he first dressed up like a woman and walked on the street but he also felt very free.

When Gay Commune diminishes he goes back to acting .He meets a lady and fall in love with her .Just before marriage he tells his lover that he is actually a gay.

Bourne’s game never ends.”My game never ends .” is the song he sings in his 70s wearing a drag to be recognised,to be noticed  like  rest of us.Bourne ‘s unique message is to be proud of everything we do in life.

Bette Bourne will be telling his story at Soho this month and next month he will play his endless game in Newyork.


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