Really Old, Like Forty Five

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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It is hard not to hear a news about aging population and its unsolved problems  these  days.Did we all not have some  surgery ,have we all not tried those expensive anti-aging creams?Did dressing up like young ones help to change  official records.No.Tamsin Oglesby’s play “Really Old,Like Forty Five”  bravely  exposes society’s fears about  aging and all the harsh facts of the issue.

The play is  set in two levels, both thematically and physically  at Natioal Theatre Cootesloe .On the ground floor scene,an aging family  struggles with the governmental  obligations on old people which are being discussed and set  by genetic engineers and a policy officier on the upper storey.

The Robot Nurse Mimi(Micela Meazza) and Scince Policy Officer Monroe(Paul Ritter) make audiences laugh in Realy Old,like Forty Five.

In the first  15 minutes,audiences get bombarded with all the statistics   about  people over 65 , 85 and 100.Percetage of  Alzheimer Disease in the UK and what problems the society will be facing in 15 years if  no precaution taken.It gets hard to differentiate the play from a documetary at that moment.
While Policy officer Monroe and genetic scientists  discuss and show their scenarios for future of  an old society on the second floor ,on the ground  , the oldest character Alice and her Sister Lyn with very intellectual bacground who suffers from Alzheimer and their actor brother Robbie who hides his age with a mask , experience the worst misery.The only middle age character  ,Lyn’s  extremely lonely daughter Cathy refuses to live with her mother who denies  that she has Alzheimer.
First Lyn  ,than  Monroe who  tragically becomes victim of his own and his collegues’ policy  and finally Alice find themselves in the state hospital called Ark where patients are being used for drug trials.
Lyn’s adapted daughterMillie  gets pregnant at the age of 16 while the second  young character Alice’s grandson tries to have fun with all those things around him.
The robot nurse Mimi with wings rescues audiences from scary facts and misery of the play who is in fact  proof of  another tragedy herself.However she gets so much laughters and attention with her increadible performance.
Really Old,Like Forty Five  seeks an answer to the question:”We have learned to live longer,have we learned to live better?
The play will be stimulating   many Londoners’ mind  even scaring them untill 20th April at National Theatre .

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