Does God Really Hate Women?

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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That book!Every line of  it   created a new  fear  in  13  year  old  girl’s  mind . She was  feeling  shaky  and frightened to death after all those commands,warnings even insulting approach to her existence .It could not have been God who sent this book to us, she tought.”It is impossible!” she exclaimed and put the Holy Quran  on the table and never took it back .

Does God Really Hate Women?

Women in Holy Books.

How could she believe that she was made of a man’s rib and she was supposed to obey him  in her entire life?How could God command a man to hit a woman if she does otherwise?Why was she going to be  punished for years  if she showed her hair to men other than her  future husband?God would not have  been  that cruel.Or  was it really God who sent  all those scary messages and wanted people to  take it  as a guide,she asked herself.

Sadly ,it was not hard to see most women following those religious rules .They were suppressed and most of the time feeling depressed and always afraid to confess that they were tired of men’s supremacy.Some did not even  realise how dramatic the situation was.After all, their religion was the most important thing .Would they ever dare to do something  beyond it?Society,men, would be standing there to punish  them.

Islam gave every kind of power to men .Women were not good enough to make decision ,this was men’s job ,too.Women were only allowed to make babies,cook,wash,do the chores,look after their husbands and obey and obey .They were not even able to choose a husband for themselves.Their father was there to think for them and choose one.They did not even have control of  their own lives.If those rules were sent by God,why did God give a brain to women in the first place?One vagina and a strong body to  serve men would be enough ,would  it not ?

An obedient woman and her husband.

Was  it not  a huge dilemma to let women bring up children  while they were not able to and allowed to think and make decisions?

She was taught that Islam was the improved version of all the   previous religions.It did not take  her a lot to find out  what Bible said.”He shall rule over you.” (Gen 3:16)She did not even want to read more .There was supposed to be a way out of  this prison  she thought.

Fifteen years passed.What has changed ,she asked herself .Strict Islamic rules still ruin many women’s lives in muslim countries. What kind of religion can blame a woman and  jail her after being raped by a man?

Stituation looks and sounds better in non-Islamic countries.However there is a lot going on  behind the scene.It seems like women have more rights .Do they really?

Women are forced to work and have kids.That means having a job outside does not free them from traditional duties(cooking,washing,cleaning,looking after kids,etc.)Isn’t that abuse?

It is  now officially accepted that women  and men do the same job but they don’t get paid the same amount.Isn’t  that discrimination ?

Women still exist with their beauty ,their intelligence is not accepted.The best example is  Kathryn Bigelow‘s success in Hurt Locker.Media ,men, did not talk about her movie after she had won the Oscar .They made it sound like her beauty broguht her Oscar.How could she look that good at the age of 56 was the question.Isn’t  that undermining women?

Maybe not on the ground of a religion  any longer but men still want to and try to control women .That brings a question .Was it not men who wrote all those holy books to play with women’s  fears and control them?They must have forgotten not to mention God’s gender.

“It is impossible” said and smiled young woman.Fifteen years on  ,her mind is now clear and she has no fear.


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