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Posted: March 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Nurses‘ shoes are not really so expensive.You can get one pair for  £30,the price goes up to £150.However  the most expensive thing is wearing them.That costs  leg,knee and back pain eveatually it costs  your life .Once you put them on ,you can not take them off for at least 12 hours,sometimes 14 hours.Those shoes,I wish they could talk.

The Shoes That None of the Nurses Can Wear at Work.

Nurses know what exactly I  am talking about.They  know because they are the one who work the longest hours on earth,they are the one who have got  leg,knee,back pain ,sciatica and varicose veins at the early stage of their career.But yes,nurses are angels ,aren’t they?Not really,they are like any of us who do an ordinary job to survive.

Somehow most nurses don’t believe that nursing  is an ordinary job  like other ones.It is understandable.They all put their heart in nursing which is not possible in any other profession.How can you look after someone if you   have no love and compassion for people?How can you put your patient first no matter what need your body is in?How can you  give a glass of water to your patient while you are thirsty ?How can you run into your patient’s  room  to take him  to toilet while your baldder is full?How can you clean up your patient who had an accident  just when you finished your 12 hours shift?How can you smile at your child when you go home after working up to 14 hours at the hospital? This is a professional dedication,if anyone cares.

The Shoes Nurses Wear for up to 14 Hours a Day.

Nurses and Their Patient in the Hospital.

Nurses are able to wear everybody’s shoes.That is how they bring empathy to their profession.That is what makes them work non-stop  during  the 12 hours shift. They know how exactly it feels to be in the patient’s bed .They know how it feels not to have a shower for two days after an  operation.They know  being vulnurable makes patients  anxious and angry.Therefore  they care even a patient is rude,offensive,argumentative,…etc.

They also know how it feels to be abused by being forced to work the longest hours  and get paid as little as £11.5 per hour.They also know how it feels to be suppressed every time they want to  stand up for their rights.They also know how it feels  not to be appreciated after doing everything to give the best care to their patients .They only don’t know  , how much power they have as the system made them believe that they are nothing.

However ,they can still wear their patients’  shoes .The question is ,can anyone  wear  nurses’  shoes  and work  like they do.Can anyone have empathy for them?Nurses know what i mean.Those who put their heart,head and all their physical strength in their job,know what  I  mean.

  1. Steve Gilbert says:

    That one flows really well Sefika and made fluent captivating reading! I of coures can relate to it having trodden that path over many years.Nice article.

    • Hello,Steve.
      I am glad you enjoyed this article even though it is about exploitation of nurses which can only be stopped again by nurses.I love your blog from design to writing style.I hope we will be writing more optimistic pieces on our blogs.
      Thank you.

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