Review: Behud

Posted: April 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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“I got a taste of blood in my mouth.” ,is the song  that woke  the shabby looking writer  up who had been sleeping  in a big white room with no decoration  just like her unused blank page since the theatre’s door opened to the audiences  at  7pm at Soho Theatre on April 13.She will be waking up with the same song  and taking   people to her dark ,sharp, tense imagination  until May 8 .

Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti gets rid of her gag in Behud

When the writer Tarlochan  ,who represents the playwright Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti,  wakes up , words  appear on the room’s wall which make her restless  throughout the play  and she  starts writing as  her characters  appear on the stage coming from seven different  doors  symbolised  different diversions of her imagination.

At the beginning  of the writing-acting ,the writer is in control  and  gives  the characters directions, but that does not last so  long. They start to write the play together. Her imaginary characters scare her  ,argue with her but they all want one thing, a better society. However they can not find a good end for the play. Tarlochan says, she would rather give Nick Griffin a blow job when one of the characters suggest  an end.

Controversial playwright Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti  touches many sensitive issues of British society such as racism, homosexuality  , weakness of ethnic minorities and their rights, white supremacy,…She does not avoid criticising herself while she attacks the structure of  the society so boldly. She says she can not be a celebrity ,because she stinks.

The play is based  the opposition between Tarlochan (Bhatti) and her characters  which come from her painful experience  she had when she  set a play to show religious hypocrisy in Behtzi  six years ago. The  characters who  represent  authorities  like Home Secretary says, “Writers have not right to frighten the society.” ,which does not let  her sleep. However  she stubbornly  wants her words to go into people’s heads.

Behud (Beyond Belief)is  Gurpreet  Kaur  Bhatti ‘s reaction to the  suspension of her  play  “Behzti(Dishonour)” which caused violent protests in Birmingham Sikh Community  in 2004 due to its setting  rape and murder in gurdwara-a Sikh Temple.

“There is no trace of self-pity in all this. I don’t feel  like a victim.I am not saying I was not affected by the experience or just sailed through it ,but I put myself in the firing line. You have to deal with the consequences .“,says Bhatti  in the interview with Dominic Cavendish ,Telegraph’s culture-critic.

Behud was shown at the Begrade ,Coventry  27 March -10 April before it arrived at Soho Theatre.


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