Kiana Firouz has  no  where to run. Because she is gay and she was born in Iran. Neither her religion nor her country accepts her existence. Iranian  movie maker and actress’ recent  documentary –drama  movie “ Cul De Sac” based on her own life story explains how painful to be a gay in an Islamic country  like Iran where homosexuality is a crime .

Iranian movie maker Kiana Fioruz with her partner Nichola Evans in docu-drama movie "Cul De Sac"

“Homosexuality is not my choice ,it is my nature .” says Firouz in her movie “Cul De Sac” which is now at Nothing Hill Coroner Cinema. Being born in Iran and living under  Islamic  Law (sharia) are not 27 year-old  movie maker’s choice  either. Does that mean she has to be hanged like 4000 gays  who have been  executed since 1979 Revolution in Iran ? Unfortunately, yes. People in Iran and six  other Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia ,Mauritania, Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Yemen people  have been made believe that God orders to kill those who are gay  .Why did God create them as a gay  in the first place then? But ,are people allowed  to question any single thing  in any religion?No!

The fact is ,according to Sharia, Firouz ,who has been living in the UK  since 2008, will be lashed  100 times and this will repeat three times if she had to return to Iran. Fourth punishment will be  death. Gay  activist, whose  first  application to refuge in the UK has recently been refused , will be given choice of death styles like being  hanged ,stoned, halved by a sword  or dropped from the highest  perch  if  she gets deported from the UK.

“Cul De Sac” which means  end of life is  a proof  of Firouz’s endless  fight and pain to be heard by both the UK and Iranian authorities to have a right to live as she is.

“As an Iranian lesbian ,I think the film is the best way to show how difficult life is for lesbians in my country.”, says Firouz  in a recent interview with  an international human right organization The Everyone Group and adds : “This film contains sex scenes that would be sufficient evidence for receiving a death sentence if I were sent back to Iran. Now my only hope is to mobilise the international LGBT community.”

The Everyone Group has announced on its website that it appealed to the British Government and the democratic forces of the European Union ,the UN High Commissioner for  Refugees ,that  Kiana Firouz   to be immediately  guaranteed adequate humanitarian protection and that the order for her deportation be repealed .Organisation has also launched a petition at against the decision to her deportation.

Concerned readers  can either  take part in the petition on or email to the British Home Office  on to stop Iranian  movie maker’s  deportation.

Firouz  has become a symbol of the international  fight against homophobia and repression of gays and lesbians in Islamic countries  since  “Cul De Sac” attracted  global media attention after  its trailer published  on youtube  in December 2009.

  1. Irene says:

    I’d like to watch this movie. Where can I purchase it?

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