“Ah one more!” said Julia and pushed the empty bottle of wine in the middle of the night. It was too late to go out and get another one and have more. She screamed : “No more just like love, no more love no more wine ,no more anything ,what is the point in living?”

Why is love so crucial in our lives?Why do we all urge for it?

Julia  started to drink more and more every night which  troubled her at work. She  started  to take drug  ,too, following   her  resignation. Julia was an accountant before she lost love of her life in a car accident  and became drug addict.  Now she is under treatment  to get back to her normal life .

Her case is maybe not the only one  ; but  surely  the most remarkable  one  to see  how important love is in our lives. What makes love so crucial ?Why do we all urge for  love so much?

Neuroscientists have been trying  to explain  it  by the level of dopamine  in our brain  which makes us  feel  happy  when  it  is high. Drug use creates the same effect in our brain. Recent researches show that eating fatty food  also stimulates neurons to produce more dopamine according to Scientific American. If we put all these fact  into account Julia’s case becomes more clear. It sounds very dry and mechanical to say that she wanted the same level of dopamine that she had when she was in love before she lost her boyfriend. We all know there are so many different dimensions of love. What else could she have done not to be in this situation ?

We all know that life does not have a meaning  until we give one to it. No matter what meaning we give, they are all based on love. Love is the only and best drive we human beings have in life. For an artist the meaning of his life is his art. The more he works on it ,happier he is. For a mother ,her children are the meaning of her life.. She can do anything for them. For Julia ,the meaning of her life was her boyfriend, not her job, not her  family, not her friends, not  any hobby that she was passionate for . In other words her best drive was her boyfriend. When she lost him, she lost the meaning her life.

However she could have had more love objects to give her life more than one meaning. She could have survived  better if she had more than one thing in her life which she passionately loved .


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