Islamic Ideology of Iran killed Neda Agha Soltan  on 20 June 2009 however she has  remained as a symbol of freedom  in millions of people’s mind in Iran and in many other countries. Amnesty International UK  screened the documentary movie  of Neda’s life on 05.06.2010  on the anniversary of her death at  the Human Rights Action Centre.

Neda has become a symbol of freedom soon after her death.

HBO production  documentary which is directed by Anthony Thomas will meet audiences at Frontline Club on 09.06.2010 at 7.00pm.”Channel4 has also promised to show the documentary some time in July.” ,said Thomas.

Young  Iranian undercover journalist Saeed Kamali Dehgan  has secretly  interviewed Neda’s  mother ,father and sister for the documentary  ,to show  why she died and what she  stood for in life.Ahmadinejad Government banned Neda’s family to talk to any publication after her death.

Neda’s doctor and her music teacher, who  were with her when she was shot , tell us every moment of  Neda’s death in the movie.

“She hated  control when she was only 3 years old. She was the first girl in the school who refused to wear scarf.” ,says Neda’s  tearful mum.

“She used to tell me that ‘Women in Iran can not live like a human .’” ,says  her brother who has not shaved his beard and mustache and had hair cut since Neda’s death according to Iranian traditions.

“Women are supposed to be invisible in Iran. Women’s bodies are controlled ,their dignity and freedom  are taken from them.” , says Iranian author .

The documentary also  enlightens  us  about fundamental problems of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s regime by interviewing  many other Iranian  scientists ,authors, spokesperson of International Human Rights Community and Department of  State .

Director Thomas and Iranian  journalist Dehgan answered audiences’ questions about their work on documentary after showing it at the Human Rights Action Centre.

What exactly happened that millions of Iranians poored to the streets on 13.06.2009?Iran held presidential election on 12.06.2009.The next morning  the Islamic Republic News Agency announced that Ahmadinejad had won the election with 62% votes cast who had been in power since 2005.The European Union, the UK and the US and many other western countries express their concerns about authenticity of the results.

While Iranians were expecting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to make a statement to change the direction of the election ,he urged the nation to unite behind Ahmadinejad even after five years of his dictatorship in Iran.

The moment Neda was shot at the protest on 2o June 2009.

Iraninans were not happy,they did not want Ahmedinejad’s dictatorship for another five years.On the following day millions of them were on the street  to fight for their votes to be heard  and bring  oppositions party leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi ‘s  into power  who received only 34% of the votes.They stayed on  the street to refuse the election result for seven days.

However, Iranian military force covered all the streets on 20 June 2009  to end ongoing protests. That was not  enough to keep Neda  and many other fearless Iranians  in their homes. It was blood, violence ,screams  everywhere.Many died,some injured but Ahmedinejad remained in power.

5000 people arrested ,115 convicted prisoners  were executed after 20 June 2009 but demonstrations did not stop.80 more  protests have been recorded since then.

Since the election Iranian Government have arrested and detained more than 30 journalists and photographers.

  1. Sunil says:

    A very sad article.Will human rights ever be respected and adhered to in Iran?

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