It was a great game to divert  all the international attention to fame hungry Florida pastor Terry Jones, who claimed to burn copies of Quran on  ninth anniversary of 9/11, and blur public vision in the USA  where people are still suffering from the aftermath of the attack.

Americans and citizens of other countries were confused. Some might have asked themselves whether the world was going to have a religious war after deliberately created tension  between Islam and Christianity. But we all now know that confusion is the best policy of every government in the world when they have something to hide  from their publics. So they did.

The moment of 9/11 Attack in New York which has no clear reason of its occurence nor evidence of its criminals yet.

The game’s aim was not to give a chance to the majority of  the world  to question the attack that ruined many Americans’ lives and has been ruining thousands of innocent Afghans’ lives. What exactly happened on 9/11,why did it happen, who really did it ,where were the governors when it happened  ,if they did not do enough to stop it were they also involved, what have they been doing  to answer all these questions and clear up all the fog in the air of last nine years?

“We believe the official account of 9/11 as defined in the 9/11 Commission Report is grossly inaccurate and fatally flawed. We, the numbers of US Military Officers for 9/11, believe that there remains a pressing need for a new ad independent criminal investigation into the events of 9/11.”, stated ,the US Military Officers and launched a  petition for a full unbiased investigation and prosecution of these crimes against humanity at a press conference in New York on the ninth anniversary of the attack according to the press release.

Simultaneously in Los Angeles, similar press conference brought other non-profit organisations such as “Scientists for 9/11 truth”, “ Actors and Artists for 9/11 truth” together and unveiled their websites with evidence based findings which proves that the official 9/11 narrative is not trutful and used to justify the war in Afghanistan.

9/11 truth Movement includes many organisations of professionals such as “Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth”, “Pilots for 9/11 truth”, “Firefighters for 9/11 truth”, “Medical Professionals for 9/11 truth”, “Lawyers for 9/11 truth” which  now have enough evidence to say that the world has been lied to since 2001  and demand a truthful report from US Government.

“9/11 has been excuse to use our brave young troops as cannon fodder in unjust wars of aggression.” ,reportedly said Robert Bowman, former Director of Advance Space Programmes Development Lt. Col. in LA.

Weeks before the anniversary of the attack  Cuban Leader Fidel Castro also explained how Bush administration used 9/11 as an excuse to justify the war in Afghanistan on Communist Party Daily, Granma. “Bush never lacked for Bin Laden(former Al-Qaeda leader)’s support, he was a subordinate. Any time Bush would stir up fear and make a big speech, Bid Laden would appear, threatening people with a story about what he was going to do.”

Nine years on President Obama  blamed Al- Qaeda  for the attack one more time  on the  anniversary yesterday to end the religious tension in the country and in the world.

Who are the Al-Qaeda? How could US Government identify the attackers a few hours after 9/11 and call them religious terrorists?

Al-Qaeda is Taliban backed religious group who fight to  have Islamic Regime in Afghanistan where majority of the population is Muslim. Who are the Taliban? Neither Taliban nor Taliban backed Al-Qaeda existed before former USSR invaded in Afghanistan in 1979 to spread communism.USA created Taliban and supported it against USSR  to spread capitalism as two countries had been in  Cold War against each other for years. When USSR collapsed in 1991 Taliban was strong enough to rule the country  under  Islamic Regime. However that was not what USA wanted or planned. Having an Islamic Regime in Afghanistan meant letting all the other Asian countries to become Islamic according to “Domino Theory”.Therefore they were going to call 9/11 criminals Islamic terrorists.

The world’s democracy distributor USA needed a reason to invade in Afghanistan. How could that be possible as the country like Iraq did not have mass destruction nuclear weapons ?

9/11   was the best opportunity ,which still has no clear reason of its occurence nor  evidence of its criminals , to attack Afghanistan in the name of “War on Global Terror”.So they did.However like Alexander the Great ,Greek King of Macedon,said centuries ago : “Afghanistan is easy to march into but hard to march out of.”

Since 2001 ,countless soldiers  and civilians have  died and many more will die.No political or ideological reason can be  good enough to justify all that.

Concerned readers who want to join the petition  of nonprofit organisation  US Military Officiers for 9/11 Truth,  which is  not affiliated to any political party, to demand accurate official report of the attack should visit

  1. Moataz El-Gohary says:

    Well done Sefika 🙂

  2. Malcolm says:

    “But we all now know that confusion is the best policy of every government in the world when they have something to hide from their publics.”
    We are all living in an Orwellian complex… where technique is the substance of ‘information’.
    Among the insights of Marshall McLuhan:
    “The past went that-a-way. When faced with a totally new situation, we tend always to attach ourselves to the objects, to the flavor of the most recent past. We look at the present through a rear view mirror. We march backwards into the future.”
    I think Yeats would have liked that one. His concept that we are the ghosts of the past is the present challenge we face. Corporations are talented at shaping the image based upon our instinctual drives. They shape our present by contextualizing our past. They shape our concepts using language on their terms but the power is hidden in the seduction of self interest. People are trying to manufacture a sense of security and safety for survival and comfort join the conformity ‘required’ to attain that percieved stability and reward.
    For those of us given to circumspection, the questioning of their means to that end, we have adopted the means of our own towards defining the terms of human existence. We have ascribed a method of examination towards attaining clarity of the present by seeing what has happened, not by belief but by determining what are the actual conditions… to see the ghosts.

  3. In yesterday’s blog I followed Bush’s timeline during the morning of 9/11. At the time of the attacks he was in a motorcade en route to a public school in Sarasota FL, to meet with a classroom full of children. The events of that AM demonstrate that Bush was deliberately procrastinating. Here’s the link:

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