Have you ever had to  beg anyone just to make them talk to you? What if a young thief looking  lady that knocks your door with her baby and questions you about your past is actually  your daughter who was taken away from you 20 years ago? How would you feel when you see a nine years old girl being used as a prostitute? What if she was your daughter? Would you still ignore her?

If these situations sound harsh to you then things  must have never gone beyond your control in your life.However there is no guarantee that they won’t.Charged 1 prison stories that  staged at Soho Theatre last night show us how…

The youngest actress of the cast Isabella Mason and her mother Rebecca Scroggs in Fatal Light Rehersal.

Soho Theatre openned its curtains to six dark stories of woman prisoners, who had to commit a crime after losing the control of their lives and whose punishment by the Criminal Justice System left them in a terrible crisis, last night. Clean Break’s 2010 production plays  will be meeting the audiences until 27 November at Soho Theatre.

In “Charged 1” ,you will see Winsome Pinnock’s  “Taken” on the third floor of the theatre where you will feel the pain of mother-daughter’s confrontation with their past . After 15 minutes break you will be told to go to second floor to see Chloe Moss’ “Fatal Light” which shakes you with a mother(Ashley McGuire)’s  grief who has just been  told by a young police woman(Emma Noakes)  that her mentally ill daughter had died in prison.She is now left with her grand daughter Aine(Isabella Mason).From that moment on,the play goes backwards.

Then we see Janine (Rebecca Scroggs) begs an inmate just to make her talk  to her  when she wakes up on her first day in prison   and gets refused in “Fatal Light” and  feel chilling effect of isolation that prisoners face every day.Just like her other inmates Janine  tries to sedate herself with drugs which causes fight and violence between prisoners  as it is  hard to get drug inside

And when you go to the basement after another 15 minutes break,two African girls aged nine and ten will be telling you  their stories about their home country, their immigration to the UK and how they were drugged and  silenced to accept life as a sex worker in a painfully funny way  in “Dream Pill” written by Rebecca Prichard.These girls’ ignored reality slaps the blind society’s members who watch them exposing their pain  innocently just under the stairs  on  the basement.

All the three plays are  beautifully performed however the most remarkable performer of the “Charge 1” is a  child actress Isabella Mason who plays  the daughter of a woman prisoner in “ Fatal Light”.

Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s “That Almost Unnameable Lust”, Sam Holcroft’s “Dancing Bears”, E V Crowe’s Doris Day are the other provocative stories of woman prisoners that will be shown in  “Charge 2” at Soho Theatre tonight.

Clean Break commissioned plays in Charged 1 and 2 are directed by Lucy Morrison, Caroline Steinbeis and Tessa Walker. Soutra Gilmour’s stage design ,Johanna Town’s lighting and Emma Laxton’s  sound design take  all the audiences to the characters’ world.

To book a ticket for Charged 1 and Charged 2 visit: http://www.sohotheatre.com


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