A man jumped in the train, just when the doors were closing, with a few white plastic bags in his hands. He was short of breath, checked the seats and  hesitantly sat next to a middle class man,checked the other eyes around him and started to cover the lady bag that was probably for his little daughter, with another plastic bag.

His trousers had lots of different colour stains on them just like his eyes and his face had many scars of his past. He must have been a painter for a long time. He looked tired, he looked a little fed up with everything but he was a father and since Father Christmas was one of the biggest lies of all times, he was supposed to buy all the presents for his children who were the only reasons of his current existence.

Father Christmas lies to a little girl while her father works hard to make those lies come true.

“I am not even religious, I even doubt there is a God , but this is Christmas you know.” said a girl in her early 20s to her blond friend who was sitting next to her. He liked what he just heard and wanted to see the girl’s face .He looked at her once  and imagined his daughter questioning the things that he has not been able to question, when she is grown up.

“I mean it just costs too much and it is always in the coldest time of the year, you can’t really enjoy things so much.” replied the other girl with green eyes.

“Why do we buy all those things for the reason that we don’t even believe in? I don’t really understand!”,caught his eyes ,that were full of understanding and appreciation ,while she asked that to herself and to her friend.

“I don’t understand either!”, he thought to himself. “Christmas?  If I want to make my family and close friends happy, why do I have to do that on the Jesus’ birthday? Does he know how hard it is to afford to celebrate his birthday?  It is bullshit man! Nobody is even sure when exactly he was born. I mean did he really exist?If he did and he was as nice as Bible tells he is,he would’t have wanted anybody to bother for his birthday in the  recession time. ”, whispered his inner voice.

The middle class man ,whose shoulder was touching his one, looked so busy in his head. Who knows what he was thinking about, maybe about  how to reduce number of  his new company’s workers and make the rest work even harder to get more profit or to offer them less salary if they don’t want anyone to lose their job.They could easily accept that in the deepest recession could’t they?No matter what ,his company was supposed to get bigger and bigger.Maybe he was thinkig about  his bonds, shares and hedge funds, or maybe about how he ended up sitting next to a painter looking man in the train ,listening to strange conversation of working class girls.

“I am not even Christian, my parents are Jewish and I don’t follow any religion, but still it is something that I cannot avoid really. Sometimes we do things even if we don’t really want to do, hard to explain why. Madness!” said the other girl and they both realised that he was in their conversation.

“It really is a madness.”, approved  the other girl and they went quiet for a while.

Did she just say that Christmas is a madness?, asked  eyes of a  middle age orthodox woman, who looked proud to define her discontented self with an expensive brand’s bag in her hand and she looked down on the young girls while standing next to them for some strange reason in the same train.

“It is a madness girl, madness of the centuries that none of us dare to stop, but all of us slavishly follow!”, he thought and wanted to tell that to  the girls before he got off. He was really enjoying girls’ conversation and secretly participating in it but train has arrived at his stop and he was getting ready to get off. The train was full of people who were returning their home from work, he had to say “Excuse me!” at last six times to break the crowd to get off before the doors closed.

“Oh my God, he has dropped his wallet!” said and jumped the girl who first caught his eyes and realised that he was listening to their conversation while he was sitting opposite to them. She wanted to catch him and give his wallet, but she didn’t want to miss the train on the other hand. She just ran after him and gave his wallet while new passengers were boarding the train.

“Hey did you catch him?”, asked her friend when she came back barely breathing.

“Oh yes!”,said the girl and asked: “What is that?, when her friend showed her a picture of a family.

“It is a picture, you dropped it, I think it is picture of his family, it fell off his wallet while you were running to catch him.”

“Oh really, no, let me see it”, said and took the picture from her friend and looked at it for a few minutes.

It was him, his wife and their son and daughter. It was picture of a working class but still happy family.

“Hey, read this!, she exclaimed .

“I would not have borne anything in life if I didn’t love you that much.”, read her friend on the back of the picture.

  1. Malcolm says:

    That last line is so christmasian o and I think Dickens would have loved it too.

  2. steve says:

    Wow,how you have grown, depth,observation,twist and a lovely flow and always a perfect picture! Your best so far green eyes.

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