Do you want to do yourself a favour in the new year? Go and break your TV now! What are you waiting for? Do it .I did that 15 years ago. I said, do you know what you stupid box, you cannot tell me what to do, how to do, why to do, where to go, when to go, what to buy and who to buy for! You cannot dictate me what to THINK or how to THINK! What do you know about me and my reality?

TV,the worst enemy of every society,is on fire.

They knew my reality perfectly well and they know your reality, too, but they don’t care. In fact they want to make you feel unhappy about your reality and about yourself. Every day and night they insult you, they insult your status, your relationships, your beauty, your sexuality, your intelligence, your imagination, your emotions and every minute  they play with your fears, with your dreams, with your deepest weaknesses that you don’t even know about it.

They use those voluntarily exploited pathetic personalities ,who die to appear on the screen with their misused talent, and expose their toxic, immoral life style and who are the first hand victims of the game that aims to get you consuming more and more and never get satisfied and consume even more next day and on the following day…They don’t want you to do anything but consume and they want you to spend endlessly, but never consciously. They know  that the more you consume the better slave you become, the longer you slave the more you consume to feel better after  having your  mind and soul raped with their commercial art show, talk show, reality show, series and adverts…etc which undermine  you and every thing you have  and make you feel as miserable as possible.

Streets are full of people, whose souls and moral values have been taken away from them with no notice while watching TV in their house, looking for something that they cannot even define what it is but something to make them feel better,something that can heal their misery. They are pushed to think , by their dearest  TV,  that something is always missing in their lives and they are never complete and never good enough, never smart enough, never sexy enough, never beautiful enough, never healthy enough… Some buy a better car, some buy a better house, better dress, better shoes, better glasses, better creams, better perfume, better computer, better phone; some think maybe they should get a better partner and they divorce  just to get rid of those toxic feelings they have been injected bv their lovely TV.

No matter what their circumstances are, they are all kept consuming and all under control. So everything is okay, individuals are broken down and society is cracking .Who cares? That is even better for those  who operates the sytem by using the TV.That is great for  them to  create new businesses to turn your problems into cash, don’t worry. It is fine, keep watching TV, let them bombard you with more manipulative adverts embodied by stupid idols. Don’t even think just watch it as long as you can and pretend that you are one of them and consume even more to be like them. Dress, walk, talk , walk, starve, argue and drug yourself  like they do, be extremely self obsessed but never be yourself, because you are never good enough, remember.

Guess what? Once they are done with you, they just laugh at you and call you a fabricated personality. Because they invaded in your mind, they invaded in your life and re-shaped it as they liked, they manipulated you so well and made you someone that you are not and no matter how hard you try you will never have those standards to be good enough.

Stand up and THINK, that is their biggest fear, your worst enemy is in the best place of your house, destroying you every day. Stop being so fake,get back to your real self before it is too late, before it poisons your children, too. Break that box, before it breaks you  and your family down ; tell your friend to do the same before it  breaks down  the society .

  1. Malcolm says:

    Fundamental… the world’s best meme distributor, a control faucet for context management, a mind buffet that says it’s time to eat and here are the choices from which to choose: believe THIS or THAT and there are no other options. AND if you think like THIS then you are a &*,’~. Just so you know!

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