Every Londoner has become an Egyptian in Trafalgar Square today and celebrated the historical victory of Egypt just a few  hours after Egyptians left Tahrir Square to go home and sleep, with a  new born Revolution in their arms.

The sun was shining and everybody in the square was breathing freedom and smiling at each other as they now knew that they could change their governments if they wanted to. They now knew how much power they actually had, they now knew that democracy was not what their governments told them it was. Their happiness was very contagious just like their courage as Jullian Assange, whose work turned oppressed masses’potential power into revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, said once.

Waseem Wagdee speaks at Celebration of Egyptian Revolution organised by Amnesty Internation UK,in Trafalgar Square.

It was unbearably thrilling to witness that history was happening and we were celebrating our undeniable power in Trafalgar Square. Thousands of people from almost every nationality were standing up for human rights in the core of freedom and democracy. Were they ever going to forget this moment? Were they ever let any government underestimate their power? Were they ever going to have a fear since they realised they can change the world together?

Egyptian-British  activistWaseem Wagdee ,who appeared on our screens on the fourth day of the Egyptian Uprising  in tears and remained in our memories with these words:“This is something that I had hoped against all hope to happen in my life time!”,  said in Trafalgar Square that :”We don’t need Tony Blair or Hillary Clinton to have  democracy!”in his inspirational speech. Wagdee spent last ten days in Tahrir Square and returned to London today.

Please see Wagdee’s  historically emotional speech here:


Until the most beautiful date of all times,11.02.2011, this event was scheduled to be  a protest by Amnesty International  UK .However it had to be re-organised as a celebration when Egyptians won their battle yesterday.

What exactly happened that shook the world, thrilled people with hope and left some leaders in Washington and Brussel  in shock which started on  25th January and ended yesterday with the biggest victory?

11.02.2011, on the most beautiful Friday at 5pm Egyptians introduced the real DEMOCRACY to the world in Tahrir Square .That was the most democratic slap the West and the US were ever going to get in their history after corrupting the country with Hosni Mobarak for 30 years in the name of democracy.

When Revolution was born in Tahrir Square last night in Egypt.

Did it hurt Dear US? Did it hurt the best model West? Yes, 30 years of corruption, oppression, human rights violation, unemployment, hunger, poverty, police brutality were also hurting every day. You wanted us to have democracy, here is the real one for you ,the West and the US! Go and correct the fake one you have in your country where you invisibly rape freedom of information ,freedom of press, freedom of thought to control public perception merely for your dearest corporations. Now, go and do your homework! We want to celebrate our victory until we see the dawn just like our new born REVOLUTION!

Were the West and the US ever going to dare to preach democracy at any country in the Middle East again? Were they ever going to play with democratic values while supporting dictatorships anywhere in the world? Were they ever going to play with image of the region’s religion to create artificial terrorism to dominate the area? Was that really democracy or global capitalism they promoted for years? Was the history going to forgive them at all? We all know the answers, but let’s play stupid  for a little longer ,let’s look very confused not to wake them up at least until celebration ends in Egypt and everybody digest the biggest victory.

Write that down Miss and Mr historians, write it correctly, no distortion. If I read anything different from what I witnessed, in the future you will have to deal with me. Because I am writing it, too. I am writing it with my tears, tears of joy and pain, as I know that Egyptians made the history with their bloods.18 days of battle in such a cold winter after 30 years of struggle. Write that down. Write how many people died, how many were tortured and how many are still missing. Yes, FREEDOM wasn’t free.

Don’t forget the journalists, human rights defenders  and all the activists who were there in Tahrir Square , who were arrested and violated just because they wanted tell us the truth while promoting peace and democracy.I watched every minute of their hard work and felt Egyptians’ pain in my guts every day. Their tears went into my heart and came out of my eyes.

What is going to happen next in Egypt is only Egyptians’ business. The world knows that this revolution is the beginning of the PEACE in the MIDDLE EAST and of US Empire’s end that supported Israel-Palestine Conflict since day one. It is also failure of global capitalism that the West and the US were spreading in the name of democracy, violating human rights and costing millions of people’s lives.

Egyptian Revolution is the biggest one in the Middle East that occurred after Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, but not going to be the last one. Many other countries in Middle East and North Africa like Algeria and Yemen,Palestine,Iran where human rights abuses ignored by very democratic West and US but not their energy sources, will follow Egypt.

Note: Concerned readers who want to show their solidarity for Middle East and North Africa  should visit www.progressivelondon.org.uk    to get registered for the  conference titled “There is an  alternative” that will be held on 19.02.11 at Congress House,Great Russell Street,London WC1H.

  1. Malcolm says:

    Like Dr. Martin Luther King said in an interview back in 1957, those in power never want to relinquesh that control and it is only by resistance that any change can be affected. Improving conditions are now in as precarious a position as at any time but hope has taken a huge step forward. My the supreme being of our existence be on the side of humanity now, indeed for the whole planet. A bright shining light has been born in the arabic world. May we all follow the example.

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