If Aristophanes was alive to re-write Lysistrata in 2011 to show it maybe at National Theatre for the International Women’s Day, he would have had to turn the comedy into a tragedy which would be more about exploitation and silence of women who still face physical, psychological, sexual and financial violence domestically and institutionally in the modern society.

International Women's Day

What if German Socialist Party’s Clara Zetkin who established IWD in 1910 to promote equal rights for women and Russia’s Bolshevik Alexandra Kollontai, the world’s first female ambassador, were given a chance to visit the world one more time? They would have urged to go back to their graves furiously after seeing artificially chaotic lives of today’s women who have lost their voice and become blind, who have not even been allowed to think but  been slave of fashion and idiotic norms.

Last Tuesday, President of collapsing US Empire proclaimed March to be “Women’s History Month” and called Americans to mark IWD by reflecting on “the extraordinary accomplishments of women” in shaping the country’s history. He was right. In the last decade, not just American ones but women of every nation shaped history of the US with their tears and blood. They brought up sons and sent them to Afghanistan and Iraq to kill other women’s sons. Most of them didn’t come back but women kept working hard to shape the history. More women send more sons to the ongoing wars to kill and die every day while they also pay for the bullets with the tax taken from their salaries that they earn after being exploited at work only for being a woman.

President Obama didn’t mention the women who were tortured, raped and killed by American soldiers in the war zones, but they also played a big role in the country’s history. He forgot to mention those who do the same job as men but get paid less in the US, he forgot to mention those in China, Bangladesh and in India who work in the garment firms for as little as $15 a month to grow his country’s  economy. But he was absolutely right; women have been and still are shaping the history but being buried in its darkest pages without being heard.

He almost mentioned War on Women by mistake as it has become his habit to say War on …, War on …, War on …, every time he needs a reason to explain his government’s abusive policy. Yes there is an ongoing “War on Women”.

Women are not accepted with their intelligence, they are accepted with their beauty as this brings more profit to the dearest corporations of the governments. Those who have both are the ones who suffer most. Women have been attacked psychologically every minute on the TV and on every mainstream media publication. They are told that they are not as beautiful as Cheryl Cole to sell the products she advertises let alone all the cosmetic surgeries. They are told that their husbands will leave them when they get old to sell all the idiotic anti-aging products.

They are forced to look their best every minute but when they get raped they are left alone and blamed for looking sexy and provoking the rapist. If the rapist is a movie maker it takes the Justice System to exercise the law on him more than 30 years.However the same justice system invades in to a justice seeker’s bedroom and looks for an excuse to create a rape scene to arrest  him merely because he tries to bring justice to the world by exposing the truth that was supposed to be possesed only by puppet leaders to manipulate the mass.

They are forced to work as hard as men while bringing up children and looking after their families. It is told every minute that it is possible. Those who can’t manage to have a good career and a  family fail to be a good woman. On top of that, some face domestic violence that traumatises women and children. Those traumatised kids who get enough money from their parents but not enough love own the biggest corporations to feel loved when they grow  and drag the country and the world into a chaos. Yes, Mr President was absolutely right, Wall Street’s traumatised kids and their unheard mothers shaped the history by bringing the Greatest Depression of all times.

The women who manage to survive in this war like Christine Assange,who brought  up a child with love and gave  him high moral values are the ones who really shape the history.And this month is the month of  the women who fight against the war on women and injustice like Assange,who brings up a child like Jullian Assange.

  1. whatsaysyou says:

    Great article and keep it up.

  2. Malcolm says:

    Obama… gawd awful topic… he’s just another mannequin for the corporate shill game.

    You are right about the outrage for anyone that can see thru the parade of anti-age anti-thought products sold to make bucks off of child-labor, promotion of self-esteem for bought and sold souls on a garment rack, mind trash cans made to into rubbish, plastic fabric turning into dust killing anything that tries to grow there, lost in a haze of fantasy.

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