Turkish Prime Minister Visits the UK for Peace in Libya

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has held a press conference in Bloomberg News Channel today in London to discuss  Turkey’s economic and political significance in the Middle East and in the world.

Erdogan’s schedule for the day has  included meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg as well as The Quinn to discuss recent  international intervention in Libya, its reflection on the global economy  and Turkey’s key role in the region.

Turkish Prime Minister  expressed that he was very happy to see Turkey’s recent economy that has tremendously grown since his party came to power more than eight years ago. Economic growth rate of the country in 2010q4 was 9.2%,Erdogan stressed.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan delivers his speech on Turkey's role in the Middle East Peace at Bloomberg in London today.

Turkey attracts ($12,5billion a year) international investment  due to trustworthy and consistent manner of his government, according to Erdogan. The construction sector is growing rapidly in Turkey. While unemployment rate is increasing in the globe it has been decreasing in Turkey and now it is only 11.9%.Erdogan also mentioned the election that will be held on 12th June in Turkey. However he added that his government didn’t need to make any specific budged for the election.

Erdogan took questions after his speech. When asked how he thinks the situation in the Middle East can change, Erdogan said he visited Ghaddafi when the uprising sparked for the first time in Libya.He asked Ghaddafi to release Turkey’s  and other countries’ citizens. Even though Ghaddafi promised to do so he was not able to act on the issue. However , said  Erodogan “Turkey managed to  release 20 000 Turks and 5000 foreigners ,that includes English people, from Libya.”

“Libya wants ceasefire but they don’t know the content of it, they can’t describe it. They couldn’t answer whether they want democratic regime or not which held Turkey back .” said Erdogan.NATO’s intervention should be on the ground of international law, it should be supported by the region, there should not be any obstacle to provide humanitarian aid during the intervention, according to Turkish Prime Minister. “Turkey is ready to provide humanitarian aid to Libya. My biggest hope is that Libya not  be like Afghanistan and Iraq and we bring peace to Libya soon.However it is not easy to transform autocracy to democracy and it takes time.” added Erdogan.

Bloomberg Spokesman mentioned Turkey’s effort to rescue a journalist of the Guardian and of NewYork Times from Libya.

When asked whether Europen Union is still Turkey’s priority as the country performed remarkably well during the recession and is still growing rapidly, Erdogan was pleased to receive this question and said:

EU is a project of modernity for Turkey however  EU is not very keen to accept Turkey and no country has ever been kept waiting for that long .Turkey’s first application for EU was done in 1959.Turkey is more developed than many of the EU members with its economy and democracy. Turkey will make EU stronger while gaining strength from it.However EU is no longer able to support its members like it used to do.”

Turkish Prime Minister said that EU had only 15 members when Turkey applied for membership in 1959.Since then, EU accepted 12 more countries to the club and its decisions have always been political. The main political concern that stopped EU from accepting Turkey is Cyprus.

“We say be fair, don’t act like a Christian Club like you do now. You don’t accept Turkey because it s a muslim country. However Muslim world believes that Turkey’s membership will be bridge between Christian and Muslim World.The world should serve for peace not for terrorism. But EU has a habit of changing the rules of penalty during the match. Turkey will be developing with or without EU!” said Erdogan and left Bloomberg to visit the Quinn.

  1. tayyip says:

    In election meetings, relating to the sex tapes coming out all over the place thanks to gulen society, prime minister erdogan states: “They are cheating on their wives. They cannt hold themselves off.” He made very low, disgusting comments of the opposition parties and people.
    Nadire Ickale (NADİRE İÇKALE) is told to be Erdogan’s mistress. It is said that even his wife, Emine Erdogan, knows about this relationship. It is told that he is madly in love. One who is not refrained from giving ethical lectures is not ashamed of himself, of course, right?
    Erdogan allies with Gulen who has his hands-all-over communication deparment at the entire police department and who knows where else, voyeuring other people’s bedroom and spoiling politics and people’s common sense, he would think he is the king. nope, you are f’n not. and hopefully, turkish people will show you who the king is in June.

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