Why Do We Need WikiLeaks?Amy Goodman asks ,Slovaj Zizek and Jullian Assange Answer.

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No matter how hard mainstream media attack WikiLeaks to cover their failure in exposing the truth ,thousands of people proved last  Saturday in London that they only care about the publication that  frees the information and opens the governments for them by spending their afternoons listening to the  discussion on “Why do we need WikiLeaks?”.

Democracy Now’s presenter Amy Goodman opened the discussion,that is organised by Frontline Club in Troxy ,East London saying that “Information is power, it is matter of life.”If we knew what was happening in Iraq and Afghanistan at the time it was happening, millions of people would have not lost their lives, said Americanjournalist and added that it is extremely important to know what is done in our names.

Slovaj Zizek and Jullian Assange discuss why we need WikiLeaks in Troxy,London.Amy Goodman hosts the discussion.

Then Goodman introduced two most dangerous men of the world to the audiences. Political philosopher Slovaj Zizek and WikiLeaks’ Chief Editor Jullian Assange.Slovaj Zizek who published over 50 books on psychology,political philosophy ,political theory ,history and theology was on Goodman’s right side  ,on her left was sitting the most dangerously published man Jullian Assange.

When Goodman asked Jullian Assange to talk about significance of the war logs and why he chose to release this information, Assange said they , as an organisation, have a role to publish materials on what affects  our civilisation. “We have such a role to shape our civilisation. To be able to do that we need to know what decision the institutions make and how they behave and we need
information for that”,said  Chied Editor of WikiLeaks just a day before he turned 40.

Assange added that the Afghan war log is the largest war record in the world history that has ever been published. Exposing and knowing the truth of the wars is beautiful and horrifying thing at the same time according to Assange who explained  that 15 000 people’s deaths in Iraq war was recorded but was unknown to the world and was never reported by British and US Press.

When Political philosopher Zizek was asked to talk about significance of WikiLeaks ,he was happy and proud to be there to tell his views. “WikiLeaks is doing something extremely important and radical in such a crucial time we live in today. Don’t confuse Jullian with Bourgeois  press’s so-called investigative journalism and so on. Jullian ,you are doing something much more radical.You are not only violating the rules, you are violating the way of violating the rules in media.”,said passionate philospher.

Jullian Assange also  talked about his personal and as an organisation WikiLeaks’ experience during the war log releases when Assange and his publication were under constant attack by main stream media and US officials as Goodman asked. Assange told the audiences ,who believe that WikiLeaks should fight to survive and who also fight for it, what strategy he and his organisation followed during that time and how they survived even after Master ,Visa,Paypal,Western Union’s blockade to stop  money transfer to the organisation.

Amy Goodman quoted US officials accusing Jullian Assange for being information terrorist, high tech terrorist  and some New York Times journalist who blamed him for being insensitive when putting the information out and those who wanted him to be arrested under Espionage Act and asked him to respond them all. Before Assange  started to talk ,audience laughed out loud and finally Assange widely smiled and said that  Sarah Palin blamed even his grandmother on twitter.

The most dangerous  philosopher Zizek exclaimed: “If you are a terrorist then what are they?”

Please visit www.democracynow.org to watch the whole discussion .

Those who want to know accuracy of the news about Zizek’s relationship with Lady Gaga, Zizek denied it all and said he had never listened even one song of Gaga.


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