Empire’s Endless Revenge After 9/11

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Americans woke up to the memorial ceremony of 3000 people who died in 9/11 attack last Sunday. The criminal leaders, who had nothing to say but repeated the same reasoning of the attack with no hesitation, performed incredibly well to look emotionally diplomatic and innocent in the ceremony while those who lost their loved ones  were genuinely in tears.

The statue of libery in the USA.

The ceremony was part of main news programs of every channel in every country as it was also the best chance for the US to justify its criminal acts of last 10 years. Everyone in the world was supposed to grieve for Americans who were victimised by their own leaders to create an opportunity to attack and take control of the whole Middle East after 9/11. No one on earth was allowed to ask what did Iraqi kids wake up to on the day? How did Afghan women, who had seen heavily armed brutal American soldiers as soon as they opened their curtains, feel on Sunday morning? How about Somalians whose country is also occupied by the US, how about people in Yemen, people in Libya?

How can we forget that? Of course the US was in those countries to distribute democracy, wasn’t it? The democracy distributer that supported the dictators for mored than three decades in the rest of the Middle East.The democracy distributer that only gives voice to its rich citizens…

Some well respected authors acknowledged the world about alleged mastermind of 9/11 attack Osama Bin Laden’s original plan on
bankrupting the US with small but expensive wars and presented it like  a valid evidence of Laden’s criminality. But they selectively forgot to ask what forced Osama plan that even if he did? They blamed Laden even after his primitive, wild, unlawful death by the US army last May, for America’s war crimes of last 10 years. If the US had nothing to do with the plot of the attack why didn’t it interrogate Laden by its most democratic justice system in the world to be able to gain a valid evidence of the attack?

Of course Laden was a terrorist, he was supposed be killed .But if Laden was a terrorist, what were G.W Bush and all the others who supported him?

Some national and international debates on 9/11’s 10th Anniversary focused on whether there was an alternative to the wars after 9/11 which made us feel guilty and regretful for the crime the US has committed for 10 years. It made the real criminals look innocents as if they had no choice apart from getting  trapped by Osama Bin Laden. As if it wasn’t the US that founded Laden’s group and funded it to weaken Soviet Union in the Cold War. Somehow group wasn’t known as terrorist until the end of the Cold War, it was a Jihadist group then. They became terrorist group when they stood up  against the US to protect their country.

However that was none of the Americans interests and it wasn’t supposed to be anyone’s business in the world either .How could it be while the world was revolving around America and Americans?  Now, everybody in the world has to worry about their declining economy. Because all those killings, tortures in Iraq-Afghanistan-Guantanamo Bay, that were perfectly well exposed by WikiLeaks  last year, didn’t destroy  humanity, didn’t damage the peace and justice  in the world, didn’t affect anybody’s psychology, didn’t blacken our art with war stories, but it destroyed the US economy. Forget the Islamophobia the US has been spreading and violently discriminating even the ordinary Muslims all around the world since 9/11. Forget how Americans burnt the Holy Quran to cause and feed the anger in the Middle East. We should all worry about US economy now? The empire is falling just like Saddam Hussein’s statue did, we should do something about it before its execution follows…

China and India have been driving the world’s economy and growing constantly while the US was destroying the world to take 9/11’s endless revenge.



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