Sublime Evil

Posted: December 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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She had never been that silent for that long. No word, not even a sound.Things must have gone terribly wrong. But!Why did she did not cry out or shout? She did not even try to blame anyone not even partially, not. She did not tell anyone about it,either. She did not call anyone.A guy who was supposedly her boyfriend popped in and blamed her for everything yesterday but… That did not matter! She had never been with him anyway, never really cared about all those intercourses either. He never touched her, she never felt him. He was there, he was not there, she was there, she was not there.
Silence had never been that sublime for her before and that divine. How could divinity blossom in the middle of her sins?, she wondered, but it did, it did not matter whether it was understood. Just like the motherhood. But how could that divinity allow her to make mistakes?, she asked herself over and over again. How could such a miraculous mind of her own be designed to destroy her? Or was it turned into such a destructive device while she was only a little child? Something was never right, something was never right…

Surely it was not her who killed the guy inside the temple. Knife was there, he was there, she was there and evil was in their eyes. Evil was kinder and sweeter, he smiled first. “Come on you can do it!”, he said. Surely, no one would mind! Do it, do it ,do it, do it! Can I really do it?, she exclaimed. “Yes, of course you can. Why do you care about others so much? None of them can ever notice it. Do it, do it, do it!!!” And she did it, she killed him and no one was ever going to notice it.

Was it really that simple? She did not even hide him. She did not even cover his dead face. But everything was there on her face. No one had to see his death. She told them instantly with no word. Now, silence was sublime, silence was evil. Silence was war between her divine and evil sides. Silence was pain, silence was blood, silence was full of screams and cries, silence was knife in her heart, silence was her face she has never faced. And silence was justice, silence was injustice.


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