Your name is Ashlee

Posted: April 22, 2015 in Uncategorized
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” Ashlee!” called a voice. Who was Ashlee, why was she not replying? Voice got louder! Shouted at me but I was not Ashlee! It shouted at me inside and I woke up!  It told me to get up! “Go out and tell everyone!”. What? “Your are Ashlee!!!” Why? “Because you have lived so far to become Ashlee!” It was her again. She first came to me three weeks ago. She has been visiting me at least once or twice a day since. And this morning, this morning, she asked me to do it so violently.

Ashlee in the universe and is the universe...

Ashlee in the universe, is the universe…

“Your name is Ashlee and your surname is Turner.” it said. “How could that be possible?” was the question I was supposed to ask, but I did not, because it was right. Logic was a prison, men made up.

“You do not belong here.”  she continued. “They are not your family, this is not your country, you belong no country, no group or community.No flag can define you, nor can it limit you, no nationality.Stop limiting you! Stop allowing others to condition you!This is not where you are, can’t you hear, we have been calling you for a long time?”

I thought it was my crazy mind so I went out. She followed me. It was a sunny day and I felt home when I hugged mother- nature. I was the sea, I was the trees, I was the cats, I was the dogs, I was the sky, I was the clouds,I was the grass,I was the rock covered with moss, I was the wise, I was the mad in the mass, I was the said, I was the unsaid,I was the happy, I was the sad, I was the known , I was the unknown, she was in me, I was in her. She had all the answers, she was not quiet nor was she louder. I wondered and she told me why I was here.

“Go!” she whispered. Your name is Ashlee. Do not ask why, we are one, I am you, you are me and we are the universe…

I was Ashlee and I was the universe…

Wasn’t so everyone?


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