A leaf fell…

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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A leaf fell of a tree, she flew. Did she feel the freedom, she had sought? She flew maybe not like a bird but she did. Was she finally free? She stopped only after a few yards, as the wind stopped. She was by another big tree. Wind began again and she flew. Was she free?  Maybe she was. Was she free, was she dead? That’s how it seemed , maybe she was still there, on the top of the tree. Wind took her away again…

A leaf of freedom...

A leaf of freedom…

The tree did not seem to care but she did. All the other leaves sang a goodbye song for her. She felt it deeply but it was time for her to go. They knew they were not able to give her freedom but love. This was the only way for them to be free but the little leaf did not understand.The tree was the lover of the earth, she had discovered freedom that was hidden within love, long ago. Her freedom was within her love, did not have to fly neither too high nor too far to find it.

The little leaf was now on top of a roof under which she heard sounds of love echoing like she used to hear from her sister leaves. It was cold, she wanted to go inside, the wind was not around, but the same sound. Sound of love. Where was the wind?, she asked. There he was, and she flew again…

The rain came and the weak she became. Freedom was no longer her friend. She did not say it but she missed the tree. She had been on the roof of a church for days and months. She was now scared of the wind, he was no longer welcoming. She wanted to move , she could not.” Am I free, am I dead?”, she asked. She was neither alive nor dead, she realized.” Was I ever free?”, she wondered, she could not find the answer.

And one day wind came and took her back to the earth. Wind knew that, she was now free…


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