Blue Rose…

Posted: April 29, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I asked her secret, she smiled. She rose and smelled like a rose. She sang songs and rose. Not everyone heard, her silence told the most.

A lady approached, sat next to her, tried to talk. She heard no word. She sat, listened, listened, smelled the silence and smelled the rose. All the words she wanted to throw were now lost. They were now swallowed.As if they decided to hide under a giant rock.Her blue silence had vanished it all. The lady smiled, once again smelled the rose and took the road to her home. And that was the heart of all…

Silence of the Blue Rose...

Silence of the Blue Rose.

A man! He thought that  he thought! He was supposed to show that he could save us all. That was the thought he was told to hold. He rowed the boat, he rowed the boat and he shouted until he hurt his throats. He was a man and that was how he was supposed to row the boat. Without listening to Blue Rose. Without hearing what she really told. Did he need to get old to understand the Blue Rose? He was supposed to know, he was supposed to know, he was supposed to open all his unknown doors.Until he could see who was standing and shouting in that boat.He was not supposed to know it all or have it all to hear silence of the Blue Rose. Soon he was going to be lost, he did not know…That is when he was going to be free from all…

His eyes wanted no more. No, he was not tired, he was in joy. He was neither too young nor was he too old. He looked around, he appreciated it all. His walk was very slow. He looked at me, his eyes were soft like a blue rose, he smiled and walked. I heard him, his words dropped of his blue rose. He walked and I followed. He walked,I followed.,, And he disappeared in the middle of the road.

He was a human reflection of the Blue Rose…


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