I am not…

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
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There you are. How did it go? Did you get what you wanted? Did you get the most precious gold? Was she still asleep? You look victorious, of course you did. Did you remind her all the mistakes she made? And all her sins…Of course you did. How could you miss? How did you manage it?What?

I am not...

I am not…

What is that? No, no! Get out of here!.I am better than her! I have even become better than you!No, you cannot do that to me!You cannot! I am not going to wear that dress and stand even run in the highest heels. You cannot force me to paint my face so excessively. No, you cannot.You cannot make me produce thoughts and believes and sell them just to satisfy you anymore.That is not why I am here, my reason is holier! You cannot twist my beliefs! I am now immune to all your diseases! You cannot distort my thoughts! Stop there! Don’t come half a step closer! I am not who you think I am, I never was.I am not who I think I am either.I am not, I am not…

I am not who my mother thinks  I am , I am not who my sister thinks I am , I am not who my brother thinks I am, I am not who my neighbours think I am, I am not who my poor father thinks I am either.I am not who or what my sleepwalker tutors think I am.Specially my lover, oh he is such a dreamer, he has no clue about who I am. None of you even know who you are. How can you dare say who I am? I am not even where you think I am. If I blind you now, if I deafen you  now, how will you even know where I am,or whether I am, at all?

How wonderful! You sound and I know you are as paranoid as I wanted you to become.And remember all the things you have just said is you.It is you who hears, sees,perceives, thinks and talks.You don’t need to blind me or cut my ears off. My job was done, the minute you learned to talk, since then I never had to work. I am not even here, I left you when you learned all the words and how to connect them.I then began living in you …


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