Mastering the mind…

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Cars passing by fast. People laughing and crying out loud. Storm almost knocked them all down. Ever moving crowd, mad crowd, sad crowd,big looking small crowd, so loud, so loud… Never ending rush, beggars,sellers, how come one owns the flowers,  street musicians creating sounds, legs in short skirts, feet in high heels, hands in pockets, hands trying to grab things, hands lacking, filling, emptying, , hands missing, fighting, achieving, hands pushing, killing winning, not knowing, never knowing…Hearts calculating love going out and coming in…

Doing,not knowing why...

Doing, not knowing why…

Beggars, beggars, hidden tears. Humans doing,re-doing, doing again,so boring, fighting never knowing,  destroying, re-doing , this time differing, but still doing, running, doing, running, doing and constantly proving, collapsing inside, building again,collapsing again, collapsing each other, enjoying, regretiing, never growing, never knowing, losing, losing, never realizing and waiting, constantly waiting to have a better beginning, dying constantly, diminishing slowly, becoming less in attaining more, how sadly aging but never growing.

Doing, producing, managing, directing, mastering arts, mastering math, mastering cats, mastering dogs, mastering wars, mastering sports, mastering words, mastering the notes, mastering, losing oneself in mastering, losing the mind in mastering, lessening the master in mastering ,never knowing, never seeing, waiting to begin a new beginning…Not knowing, mastering what pushes them to mastering…

Something hurting in remaining child-like part regardless of countless denyings. No one is winning in deceiving , in the end no one is smiling. Stop running, stop running, try listening, try knowing, try minding the mind,try mastering it now…

  1. toobee10 says:

    Yes we need to slow down and smell the roses. Christine


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