Light is in the Heart…

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I am back, I said. He looked at me and …I said I am back. She looked at me and said…Can you hear me, I have come back, I exclaimed in the end. It looked at me and said…

Yes, I denied it, I looked for it in different things. I thought maybe… I looked for it in words most of which were wrongly put, I do not want to say they were lies, they were diseased fruits of ignorance, yes they were blind, blinding the hearers and readers without intending to do so maybe…I looked for it in sounds, they all vanished when I put a piece of cotton in my ears. I looked for it in the sky, in the moons, in the stars, in all kinds of birds’ wings that did not make me fly but the birds, I felt the water but I could not hold it, I loved it, I felt its love but it did not stay , it dripped, it dripped and it disappeared…I closed my eyes, they all disappeared. But I still felt, it got darker I felt it deeper, it got darkest I felt it deepest…

Open your hear to see the light...

Open your heart to see the light…

And now, I am back, a little upset for all of my mistakes. Yes, I had turned my back to you, to you,to you and to you. I closed my doors to you, to you,to you and to you… But I knew that you were always there.”You cannot say that because you cannot know when your heart is closed. No ray of light can reach out your world when your heart is blocked, don’t you know?” Yes, I do, that is the exact reason why I have come back to you, I was in dark for years looking for you. “Love is love when there is no slightest reason behind!” So am I still in dark? “Still reasoning, look around, look at the earth, look at plants, look at the Sun, come back after you have realized.” Realized what? “You will know when you have, you will shine like another sun, you will light everything you touch…


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