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What is it exactly you want from me? Stop beating me up! Otherwise I will lock you up! Stop telling me that you are the most important one, you know you are not. Everyone is equally important, if you peel all that concepts men made up!

“Yes, but not everyone think that way! Go and shop today! If you don’t listen to me, people will eat you up! They will push you with their eyes! They will bite you with their smiles! Because they listen to me so nicely, they do what I tell them to do. I tell them to sit, they sit, I tell them to stand up and shout , they stand up and shout, I tell them to stab backs while they  hug, they don’t just stab, they take the livers out! And you have to do that, too. You have two choices, either you allow them to eat you up, or I will constantly beat you up! You cannot lock me up, because even then you will feel crushed! “

Fighting monster,

Fighting the monster.

Shut up! That’s enough! I am not your puppet! You cannot pull and push me when you like! Those people, those sleep walkers! I will wake them up! They will never listen to you again!

“Oh, they are so much in love with me! They can do anything to protect me! Go and try the weakest looking one! She and all the others will tell you how idiot you are even though they agree with you deep inside! They fight, they argue, they rise, they groom, they shine, they have this , they have that and they want to have everything! They always will.And when you have something they don’t, they have to either have it, too, or they have to make you fall or fool! It is because I constantly frighten them! They live in an extreme fear! “

I see, you are right! BUT!

“But what?”

I want to be free!

“You are!They all are..Hahahah!!!”

No they are not!

“Well, at least they think they are!”

You are a monster!!!


Yes,I is!


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