“Did you hear the bell?”  she asked like a little child.

“What bell?” answered so plainly, the old man, the same curtain between  him and the space, a  century between time and his eyes.

“The bell, the bell, that rang at 6am. Did you not hear it?”

“No.I was asleep.”

“Oh I see, so you did not hear it.”

“No, not at all.” He began watching the TV, implying her to go. She looked down and whispered to herself:

“But it was me who rang the bell. I rang the bell!”  She looked at him, he looked at her.

“Good for you!”he replied. There was no way for him to open his doors to anyone, including to this little Korean  lady who was always thirsty enough to drink love and spread it with her smiles. Of course she had her own evil sides. And maybe that was the reason why she woke up at 5am and ran to the Church around the corner.She wanted to free herself from her own  unknown sides. Was that the only reason why she rang the bell?

When Jenny rings the bell...

When Jenny rings the bell…

Was that the only reason why? the man asked with no word airing from his mouth. Why was she so excited ?. he wondered.

She felt some sarcasm and cold wonder in his look which she immediately wanted to break.

“Would you like some herbal tea?” she asked  with a wider smile.

He dropped his lighter, before he answered.

“Yes, please !”  he said. I knew what he was thinking. He had told me once.

In our culture, he said, kindness is a weakness. Was that the reason of that distance?

“Oh, really!” I said trying to sound careless, remembering all my kindness to him. And in our culture, I continued, they say keep one of your eyes closed when you go to a village where everyone is blind.That was to tell people to adapt themselves wherever they go…

But now I cannot stop asking how could anyone see whether I closed my eye if everyone was blind in that village? Why not find a solution to blindness, but pretend to be like them? Who sold me such an idiotic belief? What got him thinking that it was Jenny’s weakness forcing her to make him a tea? Cultures?Clutters?Cultural clutters? Fears!

Jenny rang the bell...

When Jenny is not heard…

I opened the door and walked passed them both. She was in the kitchen, he was dying in the living room in front of the old dusty box he bought before he had lost it all and locked himself up in the four little walls.

“Good morning Jenny!”I said, she asked me whether I also wanted to have a cup of tea.

“No, thank you!”  I replied. “I prefer coffee and I will make it in a minute.”

“Ok!” she said and did not insist.

I walked into the kitchen, she prepared the teas, she smelled them, she loved the way she made them. Her silence was loud, I listened to it.She went to him with the teas. I felt it , I saw it in all her moves, she wanted to tell me what she did minute by minute. She rang the bell, she rang the bell, she rang the bell…

She served him the teas. She talked to him about football, not because she loved it. They talked about food she was going to cook in the evening. And she told him so artfully that how it made her laugh when she heard the announcement in the London underground calling people to mind the gap.

“Mind the gap people, mind the gap!” she imitated and he laughed at it with or without understanding…

We were minding the gap, but Jenny rang the bell, she wanted to say something…

And we did not hear it…


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