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It rained all night.Yes it did. It was 6am.Yes it was.A strong longing to see the sea.Yes it was.The streets were wet.Yes they were.Plants were wet.Yes they were. She screamed.Yes, she did.She was too excited.Yes she was.She stopped,asked. She opened the camera bag, turned it on and took some  pictures  of the old wet plant in the garden of strangers. Yes, she did.

A cat was waiting in front of a top shop which was still closed.Yes, it was waiting there because it was still raining. The shop was closed because it was too early.People were going to work.Yes, they were. Most were walking in their sleeps.Yes, they were. Were they dreaming? Of course they were.Were you dreaming?…

Yes to Shark?

Yes to Shark?

The sea did not look blue.Yes, that is true. Ferries carried slaves in suits.Yes, they did. They all looked worried,filled with fear. Yes, they did.He was there. Yes he was. He was good, he was bad, he was a father, he was rap…Yes, yes, yes, he was, fuck him, he is dead.But the smell of the sea brought him back. Yes, that happens, just throw him into the sea, drown him and let the sharks eat him. Something  began  hurting.Yes it did. Will it ever stop? …

It never seemed to be possible to stay here for that long. Yes, it did not. Leaving was the only option which could clear up all that. Yes, it was. And another city would be the same.Yes, it would. Another country with different conditionings, different ways of dreaming, running, running from, running to, running… Yes, yes, yes…But It didn’t. It did for a while and then the same pain began.Yes, it did. Because they were all there. Will they ever go away? Will you ever stay away?

So much noise! This city is beautiful! Yes, it is.But it is too loud.Yes, it is. You are too loud! You are too loud, not the city! You should have been fucked  off before all! Yes,you  should have fucked me ages ago, but I know it all!!!


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