Jubilee Line

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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“There is an ongoing engineering work on Jubilee Line.” announced a woman in a highly official tone. A big red  wave of impotent anger above the crowd under the holly ground. It reached the men walking on the ground,they began walking faster,a few of them even collided.

No one said a word, they waited. Eyes escaped from one another. Some pointed them on the lines of a book, shared rich loneliness of an author. Some watched women’s legs pretending to look down thoughtfully. A mouse running around the dark railway looked cheerful, made some laugh and some disgust. None of them wanted to wait for another minute to run. They were not happy when they ran, nor were they so when they stopped.

“Everyone likes you when you die” read the name of a book, in the hands of an Indian looking man who seemed to be trying hard to get into it in that crowd. Surely he wanted to be loved while he was alive, but humans love you when you die. Why?, he asked. Why was it so hard to love? How could something be free and, but too far? Maybe it was not so, maybe, maybe…

Jubilee Line

Jubilee Line

“Smile woman! It does not cost you nothing! Does it?” a rapper looking black guy asked a young woman on the elevator that was going down to the crowd. She looked at him, thought that he was drunk or was still rapping. She began running. Crowd was growing, she, too, began standing because Jubilee line was not running.

Do they really?, she asked to herself  after reading six words on the book with a black cover. Is that the  reason why people kill each other? In order to love? So, do I have to die to be loved? No, no it must be my reasoning, I must be wrong, she re-thought. If so, then what is it they really kill?Another human being or…Or they kill what they make them kill? Is that the reason why they love you when you die?”Princess Diana!”, she could not help to whisper. What does she have to do with this, why did she pop into my mind now?

“Smile woman, smile! It does not cost you nothing!” shouted the rapper guy one more time. He broke the silence, he broke the crowd, he pulled the newspaper covering faces. “Let me see your faces, don’t you hide!”repeated the mad guy and he stopped. He read the same headline. He laughed and pulled the book and threw it at dark railway. He hugged the guy and said:

“Hey Bro! I love you when you are alive! Stop trying to understand the crowd!” No,he was not mad, nor was he drunk.Without a ticket, he was not allowed to join the crowd…

And jubilee line began working, and the crowd running…


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