The Door

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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H:“The door was left open.”

L:The door?

H: Yes, it was left open.

L: Oh!“No it was not.”

H:“Yes it was.”

L:“No it was not,it was always open.”

H:“No it was not.”

L:“Yes it was.”

“That is how you wanted  it to seem.”



H:“No I did not. I have come close to it many times before, it was closed. In fact it was locked.”

L:“Was it? Then you were never close to it.”

H:“But I walked passed the same distance today.”

L:“No you didn’t.”

H:“Can I come in now?”

L:“There is no door.

H: “What is this?”

L:There was no distance either.”

H:Why did it take so long?

“Why am I so tired?”

H:“Where are you?”

L:“Where are you?”




H: “Here? Have you always?”

H:” Have you always been here?”


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