Her Footsteps…

Posted: June 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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“I lied!” cried a heart and broke the silence of the night !

“Why?” she then asked, “Why?”

Once again silence ruled the dark. ”Why?” she whispered once again and there heard her stars. And she closed her eyes.

“You did not know that you lied, you were just a little child.” told her a voice and she smiled.  A hand held her hand and took her up to a hill surrounded by an ocean.  She held the hand and they walked, she felt its soul but they did not talk. A rock! A rock began to roll down. She feared, it was going to hit her, she thought. The hand pulled her aside. She wanted to stop there, but the hand turned into a shinning star and joined many other stars, the hill turned into a piece of sky. “Did I not lie?” “No, you didn’t!” replied the brightest star. And once again she smiled.

Her footsteps...

Her footsteps…

“Yes I did! I did lie to you!”  she exclaimed, looking into the mirror while the Sun was greeting the earth. “And I am still lying” she whispered with knots in her throats. She looked deep into the eyes that appeared in the mirror. “What do you want, tell me what is it you want? Please! Tell me what you want and get me out of this prison!” Green forest began to become dark, quiet and rainy. “What is it?” she repeated, but could not find it, she could not hear it.

The Sun began to spread love once again. Earth began to feed and teach the men.The road was long and narrow, did not seem to end. Seagulls were loud again maybe because of their little brain. Man was always hungry, wild and noisy maybe because of his big and empty skull with no master to re-invent. Her footsteps told her not to, seagulls told her not to, men with big beards told her not to, women with small words told her not to.That was not the road, but she followed…


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