When a clown screams…

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“Why was it so hard!? Why is it so hard!?”  she screamed one more time on the top of a tall building. People on the ground looked anxious ,puzzled and thrilled all at the same time.

She was dressed up like a clown, painted her face, plaited her hair twice and had a big red nose.

Was she playing a role or was she really going to jump, nobody was able to see any sign of insincerity in either possibility to know. They neither applauded her nor were they able to call for help.

“Answer me, you! The man with big beard, you, the one in black! Is it really that hard to smile?”

“Fuck off! I really don’t care if you die” answered the big tall guy.

“You little pathetic attention seeker! Why don’t you just jump huh! Stop wasting people’s time!

“You go and find your heart! You big pathetic plant!” she replied from top of the building.

“It is you who is a little weak plant! Look how thirsty you have become!” said the big guy and walked away and some followed him quietly.

When a clown screams...

When a clown screams…

“Why was it so hard!?, she screamed once again at the sky! She was exhausted, the buildings, the clouds, the little people were all spinning around. Was she really falling down? Was this the end? Was she going to die without finding the secret and spread it? No, that could not, should not be how her…

“No, it is not hard!” said a voice and caught her from behind. God! That was not the end, she thought to herself and screamed when she…

A woman in her 60s, wearing a white long dress found dead on the ground. No one seemed to know whether it was an accident or suicide yet. Her daughters, her sons and sons in law seemed to be shocked. Since she would never go out at 5am, that was surely a suicide. But why? Apart from her grand kids, everyone had the same fear in their eyes.

“Why was it so hard?”  she whispered while waking up and saw a nurse on her bed side.

“What was it so hard?” the nurse asked.

“Love!”  said and she closed her eyes. Nurse did not ask why.

“She died , she died because…” Second dose of volume must have kicked in and she fell asleep again.

“Because?” repeated nurse.

“Because she was not…” her heart monitor began to alarm, and the nurse pressed the emergency button.

And she saw the image of a little girl on top of that building.

“Give me your red nose, I want to be like you!” exclaimed the little girl.

She smiled and the nurse was surprised…


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