Magic Book Writing Project

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Have you heard of the “Magic Book Writing Project” yet?  It started last week on . Half of the first story was released on the first day of the project.The site has received many emails from readers with great completion of the first story from many talented individuals.

How does the project work?

There are two groups in the project.Those who choose to be in the first group are the ones who want to discover their talents in writing by completing a story first part of which is written by Ka. The site replies to every participant with a feedback and publishes the best completion in a week time. That process repeats 20 weeks. On 21st week, authors of best completions become the co-author of a Ka book.

Busiest people usually choose to be in the second group.The unique individuals send their unique stories in one or two paragraph without revealing anyone’s confidential information.

For more information and to read the half of the first story please visit



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