A Mother and Her Daughter

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She woke up with her heart beating in her mouth. She even saw the light, she was ready to depart. She was happy to go far away from where she was and never come back again, but she woke up. She looked around; pictures began falling into her mind. They scared her, they hurt…she did not understand why…why such scenes appeared again after more than 30 years.

There was a man with a gun and he was holding three of them hostage. She was left alone and her mother found a way to escape with her son. She felt what she had felt when she was with her and it made her feel insignificant, small again. She got out of the bed, still trying to understand what had happened to her. She checked her mobile, there was a miss call from her. She pretended that she did not care.

She looked into the mirror; “Despite all the mistakes I made in the past, despite all the bad people I met and let into my life in the past, I love and accept myself…and that is more than enough,” said she to the person she saw there.

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Magic Book Writing Project

She went to the kitchen; poured water into the cattle and turned it on. She walked out to the balcony to greet the Sun, to greet the trees, birds and clouds. She took a deep breath and thanked the Universe for the new day, but…but what was that? She had not felt that way for a long time. She walked back into the kitchen and the water was boiling. She made her coffee and walked into her study room. She checked her mobile once again. And she called her.

“Hey, good morning! I saw your call just now, I slept early last night,” said she.

“It is okay,” replied she in a motherly tone which she had learned after thousands of mistakes.

“I called Okan; he asked about you,” said she, talking about her nephew whose parents had abandoned him and who was now in the orphanage as a result.

“I talked to him last night. I asked him who had called him and he only remembered his uncle Berkan,” said she excitedly. That was her only child she loved and traumatized all the other kids she had for his sake. She then remembered the dream she had had last night; it now made sense. In fact her dream was some kind of prediction of what she just heard. No nothing had changed. She was the mother who kissed every inch of her sons and hardly touched her daughters. And she was the same woman, still praising her sons and criticizing her.

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