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I was so kind…so kind…even too kind…too kind to be true…so gentle like an angel…my soul was like a feather of a baby bird…I was not even able to feel it most of the time…but I was a human…no other human could comprehend that…nor was I able to believe they were humans…I was right they were not…because they ate me alive day by day…bit by bit…day by day…more and more…but I was not finished…and they were so annoyed…

They wanted me to either die or develop some kind of demons in my feather like delicate soul. I refused they attacked,I refused they attacked, I refused they attacked , I refu…they attacked…I ref…they attacked…I re…they attacked…I r…they attacked…they must have attacked more after that…they must have…they must have drunk my blood…humans…they do that a lot…they love that…and they think they love dogs…humans have forgotten what love was…


And one day I woke up but I was different…I was still human…but I had irresistible urge to harm…I had invincible doubts about everyone…I was unable to sleep in the dark…I think…I think…yes I think I wanted to kill the dark…I wanted to attack…I wanted to control…I wanted to hurt and rule…I want to be more important than everything and everyone on earth…I wanted to see millions bow in front me…I want to kill the ones who refused it…I wanted to kill the passivists, I wanted to kill the activists…and I did…unless they wanted to kill, too.

But I knew…I knew I had never won…no human on earth had won…but demons…and one day I decided to kill myself… I decided to kill myself in front of millions…just to kill all the demons in every human…and I did…and I become like a feather again…demon-free like a feather…


Before we look up and see, before we look down and feel dizzy, before we laugh, before we shout and fight, before we stay, after we leave, before we accept or get accepted, before we love and be loved , we hear three voices echoing in our heart soon after they raise in our head. They compete to rule us, govern us and eventually enslave us. But we always  listen  to the one that offers the least painful option and we defend this voice with the best rationales against other two voices which become louder after we make choices. What are they?

A Naked Philosopher

They are self and morality’s twin kids, who are eternally rivals to each other, good and bad or call them right and wrong. What really are they? Why do they ferociously fight to rule one another to be able to govern us? In order to be able to answer these questions we need to know what governs morality and self.

Self is our existence and it is a very artful rebel that can only bow in front of its will. It is indeed governed by will. How can anything else including morality govern the self unless it is no longer conscious of its existence? There come other selves and their rights. The self recognizes its boundaries in existence of others and tries hard to expand its borders in every opportunity. These borders are the ones which also govern morality. In other words, morality lives in the rights of others.

The self can still live like a rebel as long as it has enough power over others. The most famous and threatening phrase of morality “What if it was you?” only makes powerful self smile sarcastically. “It will never be me!” it answers. Indeed it will never be the powerful self as long as others fearfully recognize its power and believe its most colourful rationales.

What if the self is oppressed y others? That is when morality becomes the sharpest sword of the self. That is when the self raises this sword to make those, who hold the power, recognize its rights and their own immoralities. But it is too weakened to bleed any immoral body. And the morality tells the weak self to destroy the strongest rationale of the powerful self to undress it in front of millions. And that is how human beings turn the life into a continuous war in the name of morality.

But the truth, which is too loud to be ignored, is that the morality is only the mask we, human beings wear, to comfort and satisfy our wild selves. And the only truthful self who is brave enough to walk around naked and say that is the self of a philosopher…

When Einstein said “You are what you think.”, he did not know how capitalism’s intellectual slaves  were going to use and abuse  his statement  to corrupt  millions of individuals.

First, when  most people  were all made obsessed with their weights and diet. Some said “You are what you eat.”. That  made me laugh a lot. What do you mean I am what I eat? We all know  chemical contents of foods  have different effect   in our body, they can change our behaviours. But how can you say that food can control human beings and make them who they are. We all have a brain, which can be affected by chemical intakes but we are still in control. How can you dictate me that whatever I eat shapes my personality and controls my body ,brain  and soul?

Albert Einstein:"You are what you think."

This can only be true if all those  food companies worked  with politicians to manipulate  the societies  but of course not every individuals .Otherwise it undermines  our  intellectual and spiritual existence.
Imagine if this was true, if politicians and those business men worked together to  manipulate the billions. “Oh ,no I want my son to become  a conservative, so I better buy the milk which contains so and so chemical .” ,a mum would say in a shop. “No, I don’t eat fish , I don’t want turn to a liberal democrat. I only eat green foods because I vote for labours.”, etc… would be a normal conversation. Well, in this scenario all the anarchists and independent thinkers would starve. Luckily it has not happened yet despite the fact that science is controlled by politics.

On the other hand ,can everybody eat same food  as we are still fighting  poverty ?Does that mean ,one can be a better person than  the one who eats poor quality food just because his  budget is small? Are we still what we eat? Just laugh!

Today’s philosophers and their followers think  that , “We are what we do.” Really? Are you kidding me? How many of us do what we really like to do? In fact ,most of us don’t even know what we like which is the most painful thing one can ever experience , after all those identity attacks of adverts. But let’s talk about the first one.

We all spend more time at work than we spend time for ourselves which is why most of us don’t  know who we are .However  some   have enough time to think on our behalf and say, “You are what you do.” No we are not. None of the things  I do in that hierarchic system can define me. I am not the person who greets my boss that tells me what to do all the time  ,I am not the one who explains the same thing to clients according to some stupid policy hundred times a day. I cannot abandon human life just because  there is no financial benefit  in helping them. But I do, because this is how things work according to big bosses’ book.

I am not the one who gives fake smile to my colleagues who are made paranoid about their co-workers   by the same policy and can not be human to each other. I am the one who sees how people at work have become a puppet. Does  anyone care  about those puppets  who don’t want to lose their jobs but their identities? Most people  forget one thing that their lives are cheaper than the companies’  broken car  and  they are more disposable than their bosses’  handkerchief .

Therefore don’t even dare to say that you are what you do. The uniform I wear every day does not  define 0.00001% of my personality. Who are you telling me who I am .I know who I am. I am a thinker ,no matter how hard you try to stop me from thinking  I am a thinker and I will always  be. Stop raping Einstein’s statement .It is “You are what you think.”

“You are what you do” is the statement that  remains exclusive since life is not fair, not everyone has the same opportunity or chance to use their potential to do what they really like following a higher education.

If you do what you really love with a huge passion, your job can define  50% of you ,only if your company works ethically ,respects what you think and gives you a chance to activate your thoughts. Only if you don’t have to be a puppet , pulled and pushed by your bosses  or by  their policy thousand times a day, then yes you can be what you do but  only by  50%. What is the other 50%? That’s you or you searching who really you are.

Whether you are a student or you have a full time job, maybe you are a manager  or you are a boss, whether you like what you do  or not we all like Fridays .As much as we like Fridays we hate Mondays. Why?

Monday morning. You wake up early when it is still dark. You don’t feel like eating anything but you need to wake up properly so you make a cup of strong coffee and you  leave home very quietly.

We all like fridays .

God! People on the street  are running and looking so stressed. So quiet, all you hear is their  footsteps. Sometimes it reminds  you of an army. Yes ,it is true. We are all part of the same army who fight to survive and who fight for better all the time. You are now familiar with some of the faces  that  you see every morning. Every face tells you something, they look into your eyes at least once which stimulates your and their  inner voices  early in the morning.

You are now at the stationwhich  is not very different form the street except it restricts people’s movements and makes them  push each other because of  the same worry or maybe fear they have.Unemployement!It is not so different if you drive, restrictions are everywhere. Pressure is on already before you  get to work.

Restrictions continue and get even worse at work, you  take endless orders whether you  like it or not. You  do what you   are told just like when you  were  taught when you  were  a child. You  meet  so many people from different cultures and different countries. They call it diversity which only works for big bosses’  bank account and brings them  more and more benefit. You need to tolerate all those differences regardless.

Your colleagues , some are genuine some are evil, but you  handle them ,well you have to. You are not even allowed to show your anger, are you? Most of them   die to control one  another and that makes you sick, but you still smile. You feel suppressed in everything you do.You know ,you are not the only one who feels that .Hierarchy bleeds all of you every day. The more people are suppressed the more they desire the  power to control  others .Endless fights for more power all and every day.

At the end of the day, you are on your way home, your legs are tired ,your  brain and your heart have been drained  by all those orders or maybe a little politely by all those requests. Your inner voice ,real you tells you that something is missing. You feel empty .Why?Because you have been banned from using your free will all day.Your existence is accepted only if you follow the rules.

That repeats every week day. What for? Just to earn some money to survive? You  go through that hell for five days to survive?  Really? No, no something is not right there.

In the modern society, none of us work  just  to survive .We all want more  and more money .Why?

Society recognises and identifies us  with what we  have. If you have a house in the city and another one by the beach and another one in abroad, if you have a luxury car of the best brand and a big company then you have a higher status than those who don’t have them. If you have a high status you have a power .If you have a power you have a voice.

What does power bring? When you have the power you can not be controlled .In fact ,the same society gives you right to make decisions on  behalf of those who have less money than you. Your voice is heard most.It is very clear that power brings more freedom.

Average person spends more than half of his life slaving at work to have more freedom.  He likes Fridays as he can do what he wants int the following two days as long as he affords. This is very important ,”as long as he affords”. His freedom is in his wallet. However he still enjoys the weekend .

Those who have enough freedom  to make the rules in society work even harder to stay in power all week. So they  like Fridays ,too. The weekends  are the only opportunity for them to have a break from the feeling of loss of what they have that brings them more freedom .

We all like Fridays as much as  we like freedoms.