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Brexit Letter to David Cameron

It was almost three years after the great recession and the UK economy showed no sign of growth. Everyone looked for someone to blame. So did the new enthusiastic Prime Minister, David Cameron.  Politicians, bankers, economists, ministers.Oh no they were too powerful to attack! Public needed someone or some groups who were well weakened, had little rights to defend themselves, whose skin colors were slightly darker than theirs, whose genders were not yet fully accepted or recognized, whose religion was already stigmatized. And there were three groups of people who met all those criteria.Muslims, immigrants and women.

David Cameron, whose incompetency no longer needs a proof, was quick enough to develop extreme anti-immigration policy.He spread strong nationalist sentiment across the country to the point of racism which caused young, angry, frustrated youth to attack Muslims and immigrants explicitly. Surely, short sighted prime minister could not see how the same bullet was going to kill him only after five years. And then that shameless big van! They drove it around London streets and ordered immigrants to go home! Well,their homes were now battlefields! Thanks to Compassionate Conservative PM and his democracy distributor, human rights protector, oil hungry allies! They had no home to return! Where could they go? Weren’t they in the heaven of democracy?


In the meantime, scandalous MPs’ expenses were exposed. Government bailed out too big to fail banks for messing up with the public.What was wrong with that?PM Cameron, who once defined himself as compassionate conservative,continued attacking the weakest groups of the public instead. Muslims, immigrants and women!He forced them to pay the price through austerity measures in his best capacity. Unemployed youth mirrored the same rottenness back at him; explosive riots and embarrassing looting began while women and immigrants quietly paid the price. But wasn’t unemployment also immigrants’ fault? Of course, too big to fail dodgy banks were right, they had done nothing wrong,it was all immigrants’ fault!

bloody foreigner 7

And now Brexit! Why do you even look surprised Dear Mr Cameron? Isn’t that what you were supposed to reap after  what you sowed in the British public’s heart? Politics is a serious business Dear Prime Minister! You cannot play with public sentiments!Let me tell you how you will be remembered dear very Compassionate Conservative! You will be remembered as someone who spread hatred in such a beautiful land like England instead of love! Someone who was not even capable to clean up his own mess but quickly resigned when the truth began to shine in the end! Now, everyone knows that none of those was immigrants’ fault, after all! I hope you get better dear Compassionate Conservative! I hope you learn how to love!

Here is the novel I wrote while you were busy torturing the immigrants including myself!It is called “The Bloody Foreigner”. I am only able to publish it now. After disastrous Brexit. That was because everyone thought that you were right before Brexit accident.They sincerely believed you.I was weakened to my marrows to defend myself.Eventually I began hating myself after all your anti-immigration attacks that lacked compassion. Every immigrant hated themselves as you made the public hate them. So I quietly left your land. I am still recovering from all that I experienced if you care to know at all.

Now I cannot even imagine how awful it must be to be an immigrant in England. I have read about anti-immigration attacks in London, Birmingham on the internet. I am sincerely sorry to hear that.And I am sorry for all the innocent people, who will have to suffer from the consequences of the Brexit.

However I still dedicate this novel to you! To the Compassionate Conservative. I dedicate it to all immigrant haters to say that LOVE is the only solution. Please read it when you think you are finally able to empathize for other human beings. So that you can appreciate the painful journey of my immigrant protagonist! Consequences of Brexit will also help you with that…Like no little immigrant ever could…

Brexit was not an accident Dear Prime Minister.It was the Universal Justice which usually occurs free from governments.

With love and peace,

A Bloody Foreigner.