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Hi doctor! How are you?

Very well, thanks. Yourself?

Confused like hell.

I see.



I mean what do you see?

I see what you say.

See, that is what I mean when I say I am confused. Hear me doc! Do you hear me!


Good! Nice red tie! Are you horny?

No, are you?

Then why are you wearing a red tie doc?

red tie

Oh stop that! Sit back in your chair!

Call the nurse, call the nurse you cowardly hero!

Sit down!

I won’t before you be as honest as I am.

I am honest.

Then confess it!

Confess what?

The reason why you are wearing this fucking red tie today.

Just to see how you react to it?

Oh! So did I react as you expected?

Hmmm, you could be better!

You could be much better than that doc! Your tie is not even red!

I see…

Do you really?

Yes, I do. Do you hear?

Yes…my head is getting too noisy these days. I stare at the sky, birds, trees, seas, mountains…I walk in the woods sometimes but it becomes even louder…all the knowns and unknowns make the same noise doc…weird as hell doc.

You sure?

I am confused…I told you doc. I am confused like hell…they say…


Some unknown smart ass’ blind followers.

Who are they?

Almost everyone with a washed brain.

I see.

You see doctor?


That smart asshole said that if you feel irritated by something in someone you have the same irritating thing, same flaw in you. Otherwise you would have never felt that way. Do you agree doc?


Smart answer but not so honest. So do you think I am dishonest just because I can detect dishonesty in you doc?

No, but at least you know the taste, colour, sound and feel of dishonesty well enough to detect it. So it is highly likely that you were at some point in your life dishonest.

That is the longest fucking answer I have ever had from you doc…BUT!  If that is true then I am in a shitty situation…


I met a bitch! I instantly knew that she was a bitch despite her best possible mask when I met her. Does that make me a bitch!

No, but…

But what doc…you like bitches! Is that what you want to say?

No…I actually love them.

Cool…is that because they are as bitch as they are doc?

I know you are…you are a bitch doc! All of us are! Because…because we all know what it means to be a one.  But anyway I met that bitch who acted like an angel. Ever since then the folk in my head have been getting louder and louder every day doc.


Because she acts like a healer and I know she is not.

And that bothers you?

Lies always bother me!

Since when?

I don’t know…stop being a little dog of Freud now…but I am certain about one fucking thing…

And that is?

The folk in my head want me to find the truth!

Let her be!

Your tie is killing you doc! Red fucking tie!

The folk in your head!

They are all there!


In that fucking red tie!


Story of a Good Rat

Someone knocked at my door a day after the big confrontation by the pool. It was a soft knock but not hesitant. I knew there was a woman behind the door but I still looked through the eye hole. It was her, standing there with her thoughtful even worried eyes which have almost lost their sparks. She was known as a rat, rat Rezzan, in the neighbourhood but I did not believe that. So I opened the door with a big sincere smile.

She was so thin as if she had just escaped from a famine. It hurt me to look at her, I was overwhelmed by the river of my own compassion. There was an untold tragedy standing by me, all my cells could sense that. She smiled in her red shorts and white t-shirt. Her arms were thin and had scars of hard work…hard work that had lasted too long. Her legs were thin, too.

“Please sit,” I said and showed her the creamy white sofa in the living room and asked: “What would you like to drink?”

She smiled and looked into my eyes that were searching warmth and understanding in mine. She wanted to know how welcomed she was and I smiled wider to let her know that she was very very welcome like she was never before.

“Thank you very much, I really don’t want to drink anything. I have come to talk,” said she as she walked towards the creamy white sofa. She sat and crossed her legs, she was not more than forty five kilogram. I sat next to her.


“I was having a breakfast but I could not,” said she and she looked concerned.

“Why?” I asked.

“I thought I had to tell you not to worry if two women from last night knock on your door in this morning,” she replied.

“Why do they want to do that? I told them all I knew about him…it is their job to think how he could harm them,” I said.

“No, no…it is not like that…this is  now matter of life and death…none of us slept after you had left last night…everybody was so devastated…they all feel unsafe now.Did you think that was the end?”

“Yes, was it not?”

“No, it was the beginning…that man is going to have to leave this place…people will not stop until they discover the whole truth,” said she.

“I told the truth,” I replied.

“No…they know you know more,” said she.

“No, I don’t…I told them what I knew,” I said.

“They want to know more!” said she as she opened her eyes wide and stood up.

“Well, I don’t know more,” said I and stood up, catching a little bit of her panic.

“They think you know…tell them what you know…there is no way back…everything changed when you talked last night,” said she and walked towards the door in a secretive manner.

“I see,” said I and walked her to the door.

“I must go, don’t be surprised when they come…and they are not bad people…they all have your back…they don’t want anyone bad to live in this neighbourhood…he has to go to hell, that man- heartless paedophile,” whispered she, holding the door handle, her eyes hardly contained her inner turmoil and her little body.

“Okay, thank you,” said I in the same secretive manner. Well I was already surprised, asking myself whether she did not want to let those women to taste sweetness of surprising even shocking me by their visit but she wanted to do it instead or whether she came here just because she could not help being a rat. I was confused but I knew she was not a bad rat, she, too, was a soldier of goodness on earth.

“I am going now, take care…yeah?” said she and walked out softly. She climbed down the purple stairs quietly, looked back and smiled once again before she disappeared. I waved at her, wondering what kind of hell’s door I had opened last night.

I closed the door, wondering what I was going to hear from the other two women who had attacked me the night before. I could hear bells of my stomach, my head was like an ant nest where billions of ants lived with no rest and it was hard for me to keep my eyes open. My phone rang. I walked towards the table and looked. It was my ex next door whom I never talked to due to an unbridgeable gap between us. I had blocked her number straight after we met for the first time but it seemed like what I knew had made her restless, too…just like the ants in my head. I employed one of the ants in my head to talk to her before picking my phone. It was a collective issue after all…and it was not her, she did not dare talk.

Two women came following that phone call and went with no event despite the great disappointment of their discovery. They looked more shocked than they did the night before. And they did not blame me for telling the truth but they were still not sure what to do about him, woman hater paedophile whom they used to respect and sought comfort like their granddad. What they were going to do was going to determine my location and reputation, too. It was a risk that I took but I was never going to regret it. The bigger risk was to become a close friend with such a man in order to discover the truth. The biggest risk was to allow him to think and believe that one day he was going to be in my bed despite his psychopathic traits and old age. Men are mad like that. They really believe that they can do anything they want in life, the world is their playground. Hence hardly a few of them truly grow up. Everyone was learning a lot from what happened and was going to learn more what was going to happen.

Rezzan came back again next morning.

“You didn’t sleep, did you?” said she. I told you she was a good rat. She was wearing a green t-shirt. Her short, thick, curly hair had some grey in the front.

“No, not really,” I replied, thinking about the real reason of her regular morning visits.

“You should have seen how men reacted…they all met again last night…they will kick this paedophile bastard out of this place by law…you will see they will do that. This is not a joke…this is our honour…he has to go,” said she as she walked towards the creamy white sofa before I offered. I was a little surprised to see how deeply they believed what I said without knowing me so well. I hardly communicated with them but I always wished them well.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed quietly. Only psychopaths could exclaim loudly in this place. The walls were too thin to give anyone sense of a proper privacy. We had so many issues that violated our privacy and reported it to young rich landlord who listened to us insensibly and probably laughed out loud after hanging up the phone.

“Yes, I think they were already suspicious of him somehow but they just could not put their finger on it,” said she in her own secretive way when I sat next to her on creamy white sofa.

“Of course they were…how couldn’t they be? This man was always drunk…the only reason why people kept quiet was because of his age,his money…and-and he was so good at lying…and he bullied the weak ones when they did not believe him…and I think people needed someone to care for them, someone older with wisdom and compassion…he pretended to have and offered them to women to make his way to their beds,”

“Once, he shouted at me like a little child and said: ‘You are a tenant here, you don’t even own an inch of a land, know your place and keep quiet!’” she explained, her lips trembled and she was in tears. I wanted to see that old paedophile hanged or drowned in the middle of the pool where he had secret orgasms by watching little girls and women in their bikinis, took their pictures, as her tears rolled down on her bony cheeks covered with dry and wrinkled thin skin. She was a forty-nine years old divorcee with no kid of her own. And he knew that…but that was before I exposed him. All his fantasies to have a young lover like me while harassing every other woman and little girls as an old, respectable superintendent of two blocks of apartment, all his power over people, all the joy he used to get from abusing the house keeping staff died in one night. I felt proud of myself for the first time after that night.

“So nobody stood by you back then?” I asked.

“No, they uttered no word…I know why they did that…they did that because I am a woman who does not depend on a man…and a woman with no man worth nothing in their heads,” said she.

“It must be so dark in their heads,” I said.

“It is dark everywhere in this land…the Sun comes and goes but it is still dark here,” said Rezzan in tears. I knew she was a good rat in search of love…






“Why was it so hard!? Why is it so hard!?”  she screamed one more time on the top of a tall building. People on the ground looked anxious ,puzzled and thrilled all at the same time.

She was dressed up like a clown, painted her face, plaited her hair twice and had a big red nose.

Was she playing a role or was she really going to jump, nobody was able to see any sign of insincerity in either possibility to know. They neither applauded her nor were they able to call for help.

“Answer me, you! The man with big beard, you, the one in black! Is it really that hard to smile?”

“Fuck off! I really don’t care if you die” answered the big tall guy.

“You little pathetic attention seeker! Why don’t you just jump huh! Stop wasting people’s time!

“You go and find your heart! You big pathetic plant!” she replied from top of the building.

“It is you who is a little weak plant! Look how thirsty you have become!” said the big guy and walked away and some followed him quietly.

When a clown screams...

When a clown screams…

“Why was it so hard!?, she screamed once again at the sky! She was exhausted, the buildings, the clouds, the little people were all spinning around. Was she really falling down? Was this the end? Was she going to die without finding the secret and spread it? No, that could not, should not be how her…

“No, it is not hard!” said a voice and caught her from behind. God! That was not the end, she thought to herself and screamed when she…

A woman in her 60s, wearing a white long dress found dead on the ground. No one seemed to know whether it was an accident or suicide yet. Her daughters, her sons and sons in law seemed to be shocked. Since she would never go out at 5am, that was surely a suicide. But why? Apart from her grand kids, everyone had the same fear in their eyes.

“Why was it so hard?”  she whispered while waking up and saw a nurse on her bed side.

“What was it so hard?” the nurse asked.

“Love!”  said and she closed her eyes. Nurse did not ask why.

“She died , she died because…” Second dose of volume must have kicked in and she fell asleep again.

“Because?” repeated nurse.

“Because she was not…” her heart monitor began to alarm, and the nurse pressed the emergency button.

And she saw the image of a little girl on top of that building.

“Give me your red nose, I want to be like you!” exclaimed the little girl.

She smiled and the nurse was surprised…

“I lied!” cried a heart and broke the silence of the night !

“Why?” she then asked, “Why?”

Once again silence ruled the dark. ”Why?” she whispered once again and there heard her stars. And she closed her eyes.

“You did not know that you lied, you were just a little child.” told her a voice and she smiled.  A hand held her hand and took her up to a hill surrounded by an ocean.  She held the hand and they walked, she felt its soul but they did not talk. A rock! A rock began to roll down. She feared, it was going to hit her, she thought. The hand pulled her aside. She wanted to stop there, but the hand turned into a shinning star and joined many other stars, the hill turned into a piece of sky. “Did I not lie?” “No, you didn’t!” replied the brightest star. And once again she smiled.

Her footsteps...

Her footsteps…

“Yes I did! I did lie to you!”  she exclaimed, looking into the mirror while the Sun was greeting the earth. “And I am still lying” she whispered with knots in her throats. She looked deep into the eyes that appeared in the mirror. “What do you want, tell me what is it you want? Please! Tell me what you want and get me out of this prison!” Green forest began to become dark, quiet and rainy. “What is it?” she repeated, but could not find it, she could not hear it.

The Sun began to spread love once again. Earth began to feed and teach the men.The road was long and narrow, did not seem to end. Seagulls were loud again maybe because of their little brain. Man was always hungry, wild and noisy maybe because of his big and empty skull with no master to re-invent. Her footsteps told her not to, seagulls told her not to, men with big beards told her not to, women with small words told her not to.That was not the road, but she followed…

H:“The door was left open.”

L:The door?

H: Yes, it was left open.

L: Oh!“No it was not.”

H:“Yes it was.”

L:“No it was not,it was always open.”

H:“No it was not.”

L:“Yes it was.”

“That is how you wanted  it to seem.”



H:“No I did not. I have come close to it many times before, it was closed. In fact it was locked.”

L:“Was it? Then you were never close to it.”

H:“But I walked passed the same distance today.”

L:“No you didn’t.”

H:“Can I come in now?”

L:“There is no door.

H: “What is this?”

L:There was no distance either.”

H:Why did it take so long?

“Why am I so tired?”

H:“Where are you?”

L:“Where are you?”




H: “Here? Have you always?”

H:” Have you always been here?”

It was a great game to divert  all the international attention to fame hungry Florida pastor Terry Jones, who claimed to burn copies of Quran on  ninth anniversary of 9/11, and blur public vision in the USA  where people are still suffering from the aftermath of the attack.

Americans and citizens of other countries were confused. Some might have asked themselves whether the world was going to have a religious war after deliberately created tension  between Islam and Christianity. But we all now know that confusion is the best policy of every government in the world when they have something to hide  from their publics. So they did.

The moment of 9/11 Attack in New York which has no clear reason of its occurence nor evidence of its criminals yet.

The game’s aim was not to give a chance to the majority of  the world  to question the attack that ruined many Americans’ lives and has been ruining thousands of innocent Afghans’ lives. What exactly happened on 9/11,why did it happen, who really did it ,where were the governors when it happened  ,if they did not do enough to stop it were they also involved, what have they been doing  to answer all these questions and clear up all the fog in the air of last nine years?

“We believe the official account of 9/11 as defined in the 9/11 Commission Report is grossly inaccurate and fatally flawed. We, the numbers of US Military Officers for 9/11, believe that there remains a pressing need for a new ad independent criminal investigation into the events of 9/11.”, stated ,the US Military Officers and launched a  petition for a full unbiased investigation and prosecution of these crimes against humanity at a press conference in New York on the ninth anniversary of the attack according to the press release.

Simultaneously in Los Angeles, similar press conference brought other non-profit organisations such as “Scientists for 9/11 truth”, “ Actors and Artists for 9/11 truth” together and unveiled their websites with evidence based findings which proves that the official 9/11 narrative is not trutful and used to justify the war in Afghanistan.

9/11 truth Movement includes many organisations of professionals such as “Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth”, “Pilots for 9/11 truth”, “Firefighters for 9/11 truth”, “Medical Professionals for 9/11 truth”, “Lawyers for 9/11 truth” which  now have enough evidence to say that the world has been lied to since 2001  and demand a truthful report from US Government.

“9/11 has been excuse to use our brave young troops as cannon fodder in unjust wars of aggression.” ,reportedly said Robert Bowman, former Director of Advance Space Programmes Development Lt. Col. in LA.

Weeks before the anniversary of the attack  Cuban Leader Fidel Castro also explained how Bush administration used 9/11 as an excuse to justify the war in Afghanistan on Communist Party Daily, Granma. “Bush never lacked for Bin Laden(former Al-Qaeda leader)’s support, he was a subordinate. Any time Bush would stir up fear and make a big speech, Bid Laden would appear, threatening people with a story about what he was going to do.”

Nine years on President Obama  blamed Al- Qaeda  for the attack one more time  on the  anniversary yesterday to end the religious tension in the country and in the world.

Who are the Al-Qaeda? How could US Government identify the attackers a few hours after 9/11 and call them religious terrorists?

Al-Qaeda is Taliban backed religious group who fight to  have Islamic Regime in Afghanistan where majority of the population is Muslim. Who are the Taliban? Neither Taliban nor Taliban backed Al-Qaeda existed before former USSR invaded in Afghanistan in 1979 to spread communism.USA created Taliban and supported it against USSR  to spread capitalism as two countries had been in  Cold War against each other for years. When USSR collapsed in 1991 Taliban was strong enough to rule the country  under  Islamic Regime. However that was not what USA wanted or planned. Having an Islamic Regime in Afghanistan meant letting all the other Asian countries to become Islamic according to “Domino Theory”.Therefore they were going to call 9/11 criminals Islamic terrorists.

The world’s democracy distributor USA needed a reason to invade in Afghanistan. How could that be possible as the country like Iraq did not have mass destruction nuclear weapons ?

9/11   was the best opportunity ,which still has no clear reason of its occurence nor  evidence of its criminals , to attack Afghanistan in the name of “War on Global Terror”.So they did.However like Alexander the Great ,Greek King of Macedon,said centuries ago : “Afghanistan is easy to march into but hard to march out of.”

Since 2001 ,countless soldiers  and civilians have  died and many more will die.No political or ideological reason can be  good enough to justify all that.

Concerned readers who want to join the petition  of nonprofit organisation  US Military Officiers for 9/11 Truth,  which is  not affiliated to any political party, to demand accurate official report of the attack should visit